What is "The Salt Mine" section actually about

Okay lets just say a recent post triggered this and I really want to figure it out together with all the forumers. What is the actual use of the salt mine section of forum?

Now the most obvious reason is to let out the steam and frustration after a match where you were paired with either complete noobs or your teammates were not coordinating with you throughout the match which ends in a defeat( sometimes also a win though this only happens when you are the noob in the team).

So, you open the forums and rant about the stupid matchmaker or your clueless teammates and to follow it up we all reply to your post with either how it is the same case for all of us and you are not suffering alone or the veteran players give you some tips on how you can improve on your game.

Hence I feel this should be the only purpose of saltmine and anything other than this shouldn’t be allowed in this section.

No one should be allowed to mad mouth another person because the only reason you should ever open forums is to discuss something, get advice or share what is on your mind.

That is all from me, please let me know your thoughts

Peace out


The description of Salt Mine, via The Salt Mine.



To me the salt mine is rant city meaning all game rants. At this point we all know the matchmaker is messed up, we all know semc still has network issues, and tilting about isn’t fixing them. Bottom line the salt mine is for tilts about the game

I consider any post in the saltmine as an opportunity to flame on someone whose tilted… if anyone posting expects sympathy they should think again.

It is also for us to sarcastically applaud the match maker for placing tier 3 players against POA+ :^)