What is the most needed some love hero that you want right now?

My personal opinion would be Skye, especially her cp path. I think 5v5 doesn’t make her become viable again. With the small buff on her Suri Strike still not make her viable imo. The nerf-and-nerf from back then really hurts her. Please give her some little changes to the point she becomes viable, at least.


Hum… lance, he is potato (roam) and I really enjoy playing him, right now all we have is heal and barriers, no disruptor, all heals and barriers, which is boring IMO, I like when there are different options.


As a former Skye main, I’d have to agree about Skye. She got nerfed badly in successive patches, and she hasn’t really recovered.


Yeah, the meta is all about healing and barriers. With the new items - no surprise… :confused:


You…do know mortal wounds affect barriers and healing now…so…having mortal wounds counters just about everybody this meta, especially if you have aoe. As for heroes that need love…idk. I’ve seen good Petals with the right build destroy entire teams. I’ve seen good Skye’s two shot with FB. Saw needs some love. That’s all I can add.


I feel baptiste needs a small buff to become more sticky so that his cp path becomes more viable.

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Yes and the new capacitor plate item mostly negate the mortal wounds + they are kinda short to go away after applied + they only negate 1/3 of the healing and the barriers and as I said the new items counter that effect. Why we are even discussing that? In VG where I am right now and in the pro scene it’s obvious who are the strong captains and that 90% of the cases it’s healing/barrier type of.

Also pls don’t just talk about team fights as the game has more phases and in them healing contributes big time for snowballing = winning the game.


I think Lance is still very strong if you draft him well in 5v5, but is an overall good pick in many situations in 3v3. I think it’s just the nature of 5v5 that does not make him op rn, though a buff could be cool


God… Saw… absolutely… All I think about Saw is just rework him…

Rona. She has the current lowest win rate - 42.8%. She just needs her 5% damage returned to balance out the fact that every other hero besides her got a 0.1 sec attack speed increase.

Skye at 46.6% and Lance at 46.2% are both more viable right now. Both are also higher skill cap heroes with better out play potential and should have a naturally lower win rate.

I miss CP Skye - she hasn’t recovered from her previous nerfs, despite Suri buff

Rona’s win % is skewed by everybody and their T4 brother playing her. She is just fine and is one of my go-to junglers ( it was Grace but I haven’t played her since hotfix - I’m scared :joy: )

I honestly have no love for Saw, so he gets no vote from me

Rona and Alpha but not sure how to fix Alpha. Rona should be easy though just give her a middleground for her base damage so she doesn’t suffer from buying weapon blade and book.

That 42% WR is in POA gold and VG, doesn’t take into account lower tiers.

I stand corrected - she just needs base damage

I would like if Baptiste’s A-skill and B-skill got animation buffs, he feels way too clucky IMO.

I would also like Lance’s C-skill to have a faster animation and more distance that’s all he really needs.

I would like Petal to scale better into late game and weaker early game. She also needs more Mana

I would like for Baron to be able to have smooth transitions from A-skill to AAs but he is not really weak so I don’t think it’s necessary but would make him feel better IMO.

I would also like it if Vox and Kinetic’s dashes didn’t stop them at the end of the animation but they’re not really weak either.

I just want heroes to feel smoother lol.


I dont think Cp Skye needs any damage buffs, i just think they need to change the way how shes played in lane… She can barely trade against another hero when they hide in between their lane minions and the only thing u can do is Suri strike into them or across which can put u in a bad situation.

I think they need to Re-add the minion resistance (reduced damage) back to her Forward Barrage but to balence that out, the Forward barrage can pass through the lane minions.

That way she can trade against the enemy and not be to overpowered by mowing down all the minions at the same time.

But thats just my opinion

edit: there are many different situations that a skye can be in-in lane but thats one of the situations i come across the most.

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have you tried jungle lance yet?

Skye and Petal would probably be the best options to rework/buff/change their kit next update.

Potatel is a mess at the moment despite her ult rework, a bigger rework will really be needed to make her viable.

Skye’s A needs to pass through minions… and heroes for that matter. Something like reducing her overall A base damage but making it pass through heroes with 75% damage for every hero/minion it passes by.

And she has her perk to make up for her single target damage anyways.

I would have said Lorelai but Lorelai is strong right now(imo), I just really wish her ult is back to her old cooldown since echo was removed anyhow…

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Petal is actually good now. I can’t remember the fight but I went against a Petal that had some kind of defensive or HP build but still had great dps. I don’t remember exactly what items he/she built but damn was it hard to burst down or out-sustain that petal.

Skye does best as a glass cannon with low CD. A skilled Skye still won’t have a problem, but unskilled skyes will suffer. Skye can A and chew through a whole minion wave if she’s CP. WP has a slightly longer clear but I don’t think making her FB pass through minions is the solution. A full CP FB will destroy way too many heroes that way. I’m still surprised they hotfixed Grace.

That would easily make her OP as she has the one of the most damaging low cooldown abilities (probably the most if I was willing to do the math.)

I’m surprised by the amount of people who want Skye buffed it’s probably because of her increase in pickrate I’ve noticed and people just want her to be buffed.

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