What is the fastest build that kills Krul WP?

I would like to know which is the Build for Krul with the most
damage (with the boots included)
What is the combination of five objects that would make an ACE krul the fastest?
I think it’s: 1 SorrowBlade, 1 Tornado trigger, 1 tyrant, 1 poisoned Shiv, 1 Breaking Point and a few boots…with that makes the maximum damage possible (from WP).
Correct me if you think I’m wrong.
I thank you in advance. Greetings.

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So, with krul you never want to build full damage. That said if want to I’d go:

Sorrowblaade, Poisoned Shiv, Breaking Point, Bonesaw, Tyrants Monocle is probably the most realistic. I will say again though, this is a bad build.

Ideally on Krul you want to be tanky enough to survive being stunned up and focused by multiple enemies so you can build up stacks and sustain through fights, building him only for 1v1 nets poor results. I have been messing with Krul builds recently (in 5v5), and he does quite well with:

Stormcrown, Shiversteel, Pulseweave, Crucible, Atlas/Shroud. Wartreads/Halcyon Chargers as needed. He actually does fairly well compared to the other top 3 junglers: Grumpjaw, Ylva, and Inara, all of which go full utility builds similar to this.


No, if I really understand you friend, I know that it is not good to have so much damage, since other elements of the store work better, the real question was (maybe at first I did not express myself correctly) what is the maximum damage that the hero Krul can do in the game (just curious), for example, combining the build that does more damage with all possible buffs in the game, what is the damage (numerical) that would do to a random character of the game with a normal build, for example Samuel.
The complete build: 930(with critic included)
Plus the buff of the weapon Treant, Adagio’s second skill (plus all the skills that enhance Krul’s WP, is that Adagio’s is the only one I know):930 +87= 1170 damage from a basic attack.

If you want maximum damage per hit (different from dps), it’s probably Sorrowblade, Bonesaw (assuming you factor in armor), Breaking Point, Tyrants Monocle, Tyrants Monocle. Max BP, stacks + max bonesaw stacks. And high WP + crit is always best for highest basic attack damage.


This, krul full WP will feel good at the start of the game where he is 1vs1/1vs2/2vs1/2vs2. When the mid late and late game come tho, he can’t do almost anything with such a build (ofc I factor decent and similar skill around the players). This is for 5vs5.

From there I agree, he is decent currently and ok pick in the jungle.

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