What is the Best Mobile MOBA?

A recent post by @SeRAPHiM1 regarding some his complaints, and @hazeleyes response to said post, along with several other topics/posts since I joined the VGCF community back in early December, has led me to make this topic.

If not Vainglory, what is in your opinion the best mobile MOBA out there? This is an extremely subjective question, of course. You could ask; what are you looking for in MOBA? Casual play? Community? Structure for competitive play (fps, mechanics, etc)?

You can take this in your own personal direction.

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Hmmm… I think Vainglory is best. (My posts may seem like contradictory. XD) Bcuz other mobile mobas have arcanas/runes systems or in-match-effective-skins (couldn’t find a better name XD) systems and these systems break the skill based matches.

Casual play shouldn’t be in ranked modes but maybe in others. Community is the must-be thing. Structure for competitive play? Absolutely. Additional to these things; superier-deep-strategy (bcuz semc says deep for vainglory’s), slow gameplay speed, 30-40-50mins matches, different metas, hard punishments for trolls and FUN.

You and the 4 other people that want 50 minute matches on mobile can have fun with that. :wink:


I agree that VG is the best. I haven’t given many others a fair shake, but when I read their descriptions, modes, and graphics, I’m not inclined to play VG less so I can play the other one more. There’s one where you can switch between 4 different heroes, which is cool, but to me, that’s not true to MOBA. Others seem a bit too p2w, or only want games to last 15 minutes or less. While I don’t want 50 minute games (unless it’s the result of incredible back-and-forth and nail-biting fun!), I do believe a 20-30 minute match is the standard for good MOBA.


I hope one day! :sweat_smile:
But vg is not just a mobile game rn.
Here are league’s average match times: www.leaguemath.com/match-duration-analysis/ (K, 50mins a little bit more, but 20-25mins too less :sweat_smile:)
I couldn’t find a true source for dota 2 but at forums and other sites, players generally say 35-40mins.

But VG actually IS a mobile game. Just because it can now be played on PC doesn’t mean that the majority of the player base (which still plays on mobile devices) automatically wants VG to become League or DotA 2. Otherwise, why would they not just play those games, which are (1) far more sophisticated, (2) far less buggy, and (3) have a very healthy competitive community.

SEMC trying to pretend that VG is now a PC MOBA is silly, imo. They are once again shooting themselves in the foot (do they actually have any feet left at this point?) by de-emphasizing one of the things that made VG uniquely suited to its audience: its laser-like focus on being “the MOBA perfected for touch.” It’s definitely a MOBA perfected for nothing right now – sort of a jack-of-all-trades, master-of-none situation, imo.


Despite all the bugs, questionable dev moves, matchmaker and other things lately, vainglory is still a better class than any other mobile moba. The graphics far outclass any other mobile game, and so do the controls. I haven’t played other mobile mobas enough to judge properly, but from my experiences in ML, AoV, HOC and IL the hero design in VG is much better too.

We will thanks.

I am gonna go with VG since I haven’t invested much time in others but man if they release that Middle Earth MOBA on phones than who knows, things might be different.

So much this, would like over 9000 times if I can.

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