What is Joule good at?

For me, among all the bruiser in the game, Joule’s kit feels so simple. Like she has a gap closer on a long cooldown and hard to land since it has such obvious animation. B is just a straight line of damage and nothing else. Ult is useless when WP, unreliable when CP. Her perk gives her some tankiness, but can’t compare to Rona, Alpha or Grumpjaw. When she goes crit build she does a lot of dmg but so does every hero when they go full dmg.
So she’s not mobile, unreliable CC, doesnt have any kind of sustain and kit is full of skillshots. Imo her kit needs more than just dmg. The new broken Tony has like everything makes it kinda unfair.


CP joule is a monster.

WP Joule is a crit machine.

Both are very viable.
CP joule has more mobility WP Joule has low CD crits…


Well playing her is up to preference. If you are already good at rona or glaive or grumpjaw, you dont really need to have her in your hero pool. She doesnt really have anything that makes her ban or first pick worthy. But she does have high wp ratios on her B and it has natural armor piercing. And its aoe and spammable so shes able to do massive damage in teamfights. Her ult allows her to push lanes faster than any other bruiser. Cp joule counters saw theres that.


If you’re having trouble landing her Jump stun… you need more practice.

It’s actually easy to land. I have more trouble with her straight line damage randomly missing… Even her ULT when WP is decent damage, not useless.


Cp Joule can finish off anyone who is running away on low health easily.

Enemy runs behind their turret and you aren’t even in turret range. Still you can snipe that person with your ultimate. It can’t be bodyblocked.

You then keep poking enemies with your B to lower your Ult cd through CW and boom your ult is up again in no time.

You can press and poke enemies hard because you have a safety skill your A to jump walls. If the enemy gets cocky chasing you instead of running away you jump on their head+thunderstrike and perhaps your Ultimate.

Buy boe for CP joule. She is considered melee and will get bonus healing. You get wicked healing from your ultimate that way.

Her heavy plating makes a glass cannon build okay unlike most heroes.

Back in the old days she was a clunky slow mech with the turning speed of the bloody Titanic. Now she is a swift oiled up killing machine!

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Gatorrex summed it up well.

WP Joule functions as a tanky top laner who can split push. She has better wave clear pre-6 than Rona or Grumpjaw because of her Thunderstrike. She isn’t as tanky fighting 1v1 but her range helps mitigate incoming damage. She is high skill cap for a melee hero. CP Joule brings a team melting Ult. Joule built with 4 CP items, infussed, and CP buffed can melt 75% of enemies’ health.

The infussion buffs really helped Joule due to her high percentages. The critical item nerfs hit her harder than most.

I agree that Rona, Grumpjaw, and Glaive fill a similar niche and even make better junglers. Grumpjaw and Glaive fall off late whereas Joule becomes a threat to 2-shot a carry.

Wp for splitpushing, crit against squishies and if you build sustain she can hold her own against almost all the other melees. Cp for immobile squishies on the enemy team i.e Saw and Celeste. She’s also really good at chaining cc when you have a Cath or Lance roaming with you.

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Joule is practically known by the pros as the GOD Splitpusher. There are VERY few heroes who can splitpush as fast as Joule and has objective damage as high or higher than her. She is basically one of the best split pushers in the game and her CP Path offers one of the best NUKES in the game. She is also a good counter pick to Celeste, who is dominating the Mid Lane rn after the Samuel and CP Vox nerf.


How Joule counters Celeste and Sam. Even Rona with 2 jumps can get kited by them easily

They can’t kite a laserbeam to the face. They lack the mobility to move away quickly and are squishy so they eat a lot of the ultimate which is usually Lethal.

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Joule’s primary tactic is to sit in a bush and then jump on someone when they walk by B them in the face, then (often) finish them off or chase them away. Works on most enemy laners.

Her weaknesses are not unprevalent though. Her B is a surprisingly small AOE that is easy to miss for many players. She has no natural sustain, meaning she is punished heavily for engaging at the wrong time. Her Ult is super weak outside of jungle choke points - mostly because the majority of players will dodge at least some of the damage. Some players will attack you during your ult and kill you instead. Her “tankiness” is actually mitigated extensively by the many attacks that either outrange or out DPS her. Meaning that if she had regular stats she would get melted really easily. At its best, Thunderstrike lets you murder turrets and help burst down enemy squishies, but outside of that you need your team and/or chain CC to make her really effective in team fights.

Rona doesn’t jump that far and her attack range is pretty short. She also needs Shiversteel a lot of the time, or a Sorrowblade to kill people before they kite away. As WP Joule, You only beat a Reim/Krul/Rona (and frankly, even sometimes peeps like Glaive and Baptiste) when you are ahead in items. Teamfights are a separate matter dependent on team coordination and compositions.


WP joule is hell on earth when played right. She can split push, front line and destroy, solo objectives, all that stuff. Especially when building crit. She can push lanes really fast and get advantage in top lane if she harasses the enemy laner smartly.

CP joule is just harassment intensified. If you get BM and SF on her all you need to do is use her B a couple of times, use her A, maybe use her B a few more times and then ult and you will blow just about anything up. She is good for playing clean up crew on the squishies or just draining the whole enemy team for the rest of her team to clean up.

She isnt good or bad, she’s just a preference pick really. Both sides of her are very viable in 5v5 and they are actually really fun to play.


She’s a nice Pick. I prefer her WP, more reliable, with a nice poke ability, especially on crit build, but CP can be nice too. Destroys turrets in the sidelanes when noone’s looking, and, as we know courtesy of FlashX, has an ult perfect for stealing objectives.

Aside from that, she’s a good beginners pick. Her abilities may be skillshots, but they’re easy enough to land, especially in a teamfight when the enemy may be paying more attention to another hero than Joule coming down from above. She’s got a high damage output at a range that beats most melees, and decent tankiness. I have recommended her a lot to people just starting the game.