What If: Vainglory II

Random thoughts - but I wonder what if SEMC tried again. Here’s what I envision… (scroll down for TLDR recap)

  • SEMC admits it made mistakes… Pushed for cross platform too hard when they already had a solid mobile product that still needed polishing and could’ve blown up… They had a unique and passionate 3v3 niche they ignored… Their UI and guild system was crap… (I’m a firm believer that most people, even if upset/offended by mistakes made, gain a lot of respect toward those who swallow their pride and admit when they were wrong. Would be a cool community gesture)
  • Title: Vainglory: Phoenix, Rise from the Ashes (they’re making a comeback… Also, there’s a large, BA Phoenix at the center for capture instead of a kraken
  • Heroes; heroes like Leo and Ishtar that were just stupid busted (and remain so) are deleted or numbers are completely reworked, petal is remade, but overall, the same hero roster is kept and they release lore on heroes that don’t have them once every two weeks
  • 5v5 is gone. They focus solely on 3v3. They use the Halloween map, winter map, autumn map, spring map, and summer maps. They add some other holiday decor and effects to the maps when appropriate (xmas, easter, valentines, etc). Knowing that LoL is coming to mobile, Vainglory gets back to its roots and offers a fun but competitive moba experience that doesn’t necessarily have to directly compete with LoL (which, imo, will dominate the mobile MOBA 5v5 market)
  • UI and guild systems receive revamps. Guilds are able to initiate schedule wars for boosted xp and reward gains, also, see @Xhaos’s ideas. The UI is somewhat customizable, stealing an idea from this site, but new, seasonal skins for heroes or map themes may be chosen as your main screen background with a default option always available.

TLDR: Vainglory II is 3v3 only, with long reported bugs cleaned up, certain heroes deleted/reworked, and a more interactive UI


Well, it would be great but, with the Wild Rift coming… I’m not sure how much success would it have, specially after SEMC lost the confidence we gave them.

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Vainglory 5vs5 (2.0) should have been the released 5vs5 while 3vs3 was kept as vainglory 3vs3 (1.0) app and without the changes made for 5vs5, i.e. it should had been on patch 2.8 and improved on top of it with the same direction as in the past.

That way 3vs3 was going to still be a thing + most likely survive the release of lol wr as it’s unique. While 5vs5 was going to have the chance to be a better MOBA with massive changes in every possible way (like skills and whatnot, without considering 3vs3 and SEMC did consider it heavily when it was the critical months) + release heroes optimised for 5vs5 or even go with: the same hero in both games, but with unique spin off it for each.

Instead they did what they did and now it’s too late, especially with lol WR coming. Seriously, don’t underestimate how big this is going to get. This is the first serious MOBA coming from the PC to mobile and aiming for the PC experience. VG is close, but failed because of many bad decisions that are discussed more than enough to go over them again.

Yeah a VG 2 would be great at this point. I don’t think they need to ditch 5v5 or make it a separate game so much as not treat it like an unwanted child. Balance heroes fairly compared to others and compared on FULL POTENTIAL not how players feel that week. Agree with most of the other ideas.

Hell if they just took the existing game and fixed it properly, didn’t admit to anything, just did the right thing like they’re slowly doing now, and slapped a new name on it like you said, people wouldn’t even want an apology, would just be happy with a better game and a new thing to rally around and support.

Edit: treat 3v3 as an unwanted child*

Perhaps - I just know quite a large player pool has become frustrated with SEMC. It doesn’t make it go away, but an apology coupled with a new release is a strong PR move and shows “hey - we DO care about the community, like we once did.”

The reason I say ditch 5v5, @VaKTaBi, is so that they’re not in direct competition with WR. WR is where folks will go to play a pure 5v5 mobile MOBA, with a company with a strong reupation and an abundance of resources (ML, AoV, and VG 5v5 are ALL about to die when that comes out). VG already had a strong and relatively unique MOBA niche with 3v3. It’s a nice alternative for folks who may want breaks from LoL, WR and other 5v5 MOBAs to play a touch controlled 3v3 MOBA.


Yeah, I completely agree with the 5v5 part, I never said anything about it XD.

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While I haven’t played Vainglory in ages, I still like it somewhat. So, here’s my thoughts as an add on to your vision of a theoretical “Vainglory 2.”

I will admit that my naming conventions tend to go down rather obscure paths, as you can probably see in some of my Hero Ideas in the past, lol.
A new name does not mean that some aspects of the older title would be forgotten.
I would prefer entirely new assets with some older ones overhauled for the new game.
Use this chance to get rid of a lot of fat that the original title gained across its lifespan (of a rise, decline, and stagnation).

Oh dear, the above section became quite a mouthful, lol.
To summarise though, a VG2 needs to have better hero designs that can give clear risk and reward, be it for an easy or difficult hero.
Qualities in their visual appeal and aesthetics also need to be unique enough to get them some dedicated fans.

I feel that Vainglory failed to learn from existing high profile MOBAs when it attempted to add more game modes beyond Battle Royale (former name of the now ARAL game mode).
In addition to that, they seemed so hung up on the notion of “delivering true PC MOBA experience onto mobile platforms” that they didn’t adjust the game to fit with the nature of the mobile gaming from the game length, attention, and retention of its players.

To add on to that, they went ham on putting in 5 vs. 5 game mode while neglecting the already established 3 vs. 3 modes, of which had the standard ‘ranked and non-ranked’ modes, ARAL and Blitz prior to 5 vs. 5 coming into the game. To further divide and draw resources away from the 3 vs. 3 modes, they went ‘cross-platform’ with a very poorly optimized release (which I think is still buggy to this day and abandoned maybe. I couldn’t be bothered to check.).

In hindsight, I feel like the company was not confident that the 5 vs. 5 venture would gain traction. If they had the confidence it will (not ‘could’) succeed, they would have gone with a new app for it, which would have been VG2, or VG: 5 vs. 5.
But what is done is done.

I can’t fathom and feel frustrated that SEMC boasted they are the ‘leader’ when it comes to mobile MOBAs, but fall prey to the obnoxious monetisation models present in mobile games. The decisions they made from the get-go and later on also baffles me. Even without business knowledge, the choices of monetisation comes across as anti-consumer and inefficient.

Anyway, that’s enough rambling for today. Hope you all didn’t die on the way down!


Well for me, 5v5 is one of the reason i play VG. I came from pc moba, look for mobile moba because dont have time to sit on pc for too long anymore. Vg is the closest thing to pc moba i was expecting. Its good idea though to make VG2. Like restart. But the main thing for me is to get the hype it needs to thrive cos semc had failed with vg and this affect the whole thing, even in how they made new heroes

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