What I dislike in vainglory

Hello everyone I just back today to play vainglory
I’ve been playing since 2015 I did left in 2017 year ago I playing ML I’m mythical player in ML but I quite 1 month ago NVM the cause is unbalanced gameplay and the Greedy developers .
Anyway I’m not here for flame but What surprised me and made me dislike in vainglory is the slow game play I’m not talking about network lags or my hardware lags but the style of game play is so zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz woke up developer I love the game but is truth anyone playing ML will not like vainglory in ML more action reaction and quick gameplay is big problem for me I feel the game is stupid I can’t even play this game didn’t need skills and quick finger like ML is just shit for me please anyone can contact developer tell them my message

No hate on ML but vainglory isn’t too slow ML is way too fast


Maybe because I playing ML for long time but you can’t even Dodge skills in vainglory believe me is too slow

But I tested all moba game is same thing still vainglory so slow if you compared to them it make the game boring believe me if you play ML is hard to switch back to VG even AOV is better

I mean that’s preference. AoV and ML are overly casual while VG is overly complicated and competitive (for a mobile game not in general). But you most definitely can dodge skillshots in VG.


Bro I’m not the only one I feel that many people have same opinion like me is so boring if you try to talk about your self only and what you see ! but in reality we can’t take it like this we have to suggest what make this game more popular why ml have over 100 million download in play store? and soon league of legends coming in phones I know ML is supported by Asians but is not all story mobile legend better in gameplay need more skills the old vainglory wasn’t like this when I leave now is more slow than it was before and ask anyone playing this game in 2015 Is not same at all the gameplay is so slow make feel boring I like action and quick fight more

I didn’t say it’s just you. I said it’s just preference. People playing on phone are much more likely to be casual gamers. So it makes sense casually oriented games would fit better. VG has it’s own playerbase though. It’s different group of people. Certainly much smaller but it’s still different type of audience.

My question is if you think VG is that boring and ML is superior why are you trying to help VG improve and not just play what you like? Also there’s no way ML takes more skill. As I said it’s a casual game. VG is much more complicated and mechanically demanding. That’s why it’s so hard for new people to get into it. While they can go to AoV or ML and feel good from the very beginning.

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Who said I don’t like VG maybe I joined and play it more than you
See this link he have same problem as me

Well, Vainglory’s main game modes are a slow for a game on mobile.
By that, I mean 3v3 and 5v5 take a bit too long and has ‘farming’ phase where everyone has to grind up to get items before they fight.

3v3 can actually be much shorter if one team goes very aggressive, usually able to finish the game withing 10 minutes. If not, the game usually last until the 15 to 20 minute mark when they can get Kraken to push and finish the game.

5v5 cannot be finished as fast. It will, at a minimum, go for at least 15 to 20 minutes.

Vainglory has much shorter game modes that go for 5 minutes and 10 minutes each. These are Blitz and Battle Royale modes.
However, they are not really good for those that don’t play the game often and do not grind ‘Talents.’

I think Vainglory can be faster, but I understand why they make the game have a grind phase. It’s so that they can make Vainglory feel like an actual PC MOBA - having a laning/grind phase, then chaotic mid phase and do-or-die late game phase.

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You cant even Dodge skills? Practice. Dodging skills isnt that hard for most skills.

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I misread your initial post. Either way VG definitely does not need ML pacing. In ML and AoV games are way too fast. Turrets die like they’re static minions. But even though it’s much slower than the more casual MOBAs it’s not really just farming. Especially before this patch. There was no laning. It was constant jungle contest. On top of that that was considered a bad thing and I agree. You might not like farming but it’s basic thing in this genre. There needs to be laning phase. It is what every successful MOBA does. It’s like saying you don’t like cover in shooter games because it helps people survive and slows gameplay. It’s just a basic thing the genre needs. If you don’t like it it’s okay but that doesn’t mean it should change. VG needs many changes but lane phase isn’t one. Neither does it need to be faster (as in objectives).


Can’t talk about this patch as I don’t even know if there’s still competitive scene but 5v5 games were much shorter than 3v3 ones before no? Games were finishing in under 15 min. While 3v3 were getting ended pretty early too 5v5 was even worse and I even remember many people complaining it’s too fast and not fun to watch (and complaining with good reason).


Thank you guys for replys I respect everyone opinion but for me hero moving is so slow I’m not talking about towers or creep but about hero moving and skills costing if they speed it up the game will be perfect is already have unique style and gameplay

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About movement speed I agree we could use a slight increase globally.

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I did contact developer and I wish they take it seriously believe me guys I want the best for this game it was my favorite game for 3 years in mobile

can i ask you what heroes are you playing ?

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Yeah sure my top 10 I have long time didn’t play I’m sure new hero will not in my list
1-Ardan (best)

No offense but if you can’t dodge with blackfeather and idris there is something wrong on your side

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Vainglory > AoV < Mobile Legends

One of the reasons I started to play more AoV, its like the middle ground.

VG as stated above is more mechanically demanding while ML caters to the quick and casual players


I agree with your take on the three games. I’d add that since 2.12, Vainglory has felt too unstable to me – 5v5 threw much of what I knew out the window, and it seems every patch since has required relearning large portions of the game due to major changes to heroes, items, etc.

It’s just too much effort to try to keep up, which is another reason my kids and I gravitated to AoV.