What heroes are you just not good at?

This is a thread where you admit you stink at a hero.

Me: Celeste. I know she is super strong but I will play Mid CP Gwen before I pick Celeste. Part of the issue is I am on a small phone. Part of the issue is I just don’t play her enough. Part of the issue is I just don’t like her. In the long-running argument of who is better between Skaarf and Celeste when they were the only two mages, I was always on team Skaarf.

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Yo, whats wrong with the small phone? I’m small phone too but it doesn’t like the problem for me. Anyway, mine would be Krul and Baron. It’s hard to use Krul and can be kited easily and for Baron, the timing for the missiles must be correct otherwise you’ll get butt-slapped of shame. Oh and also Rona. I always suck using this hero. When I play her, I always use her A’s skill to escape and use the ulti in the wrong time…

Reim. Alpha. BF. Krul … and :ozo:

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Bad at Skaarf, Vox, Malene, Ardan, Alpha, Churn, Ozo, Blackfeather, Joule, and I’m probably forgetting a bunch. I got a ways to go.

There are so many for me. And it’s not even limited to one playstyle they’re all over the show. There are the assassins that I’m just not good at: Taka and Koshka, then there’s bruisers: Krul and Rona, supports: Flicker and Churnwalker (which is especially hard since I’m a captain main) and then carries/mages: Kestrel and Celeste.

It’s weird because my mains are Reza (assassin), Glaive and Grumpjaw (bruisers), every other support, Ringo and Gwen (WP carries), Skaarf (mage).

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is it wierd i can play any melee hero in lane well and better than my range heros… except Krul


makes me cry

Joule, Varya, Lorelai, kestrel.

You and I are complete opposites. Those are some of my favorite heroes. Joule and Kestrel are my top 2 most played 5v5 casual heroes. Varya is in my top 3 for ranked 5v5 most played and Lorelai is in my top 10.

I dont hate them, i just dont play them, the ones i love are: Vox, Ringo, Reza, Idris, Lance and Samuel. I like other heroes too.

Joule, Alpha, Petal, Varya, Lorelai, Krul


Probably Kestrel too

Pretty much every Mage. I’m just terrible at them, I don’t know why. I’ve spent countless games in casual instalocking mages but I just can’t seem to make them work. I love playing ADCs and melees but mages…

I’ve been playing for 4 years now almost. Got used to every hero that came out since I’ve had enough time to practice all of them. The only hero I can’t make work is flicker.

Joule, fortress flicker
30 chars

Anyone that is played close-quarters

Late edit: Slightly sarcastic but not completely

i’m only just realizing the impact of Screen size and aspect ratio:
I tried my small phone today and used BlackFeather in a blitz and totally couldn’t time my evades or rolls because my eye’s decieved me for one, and for another the aspect ratio made blackfeather’s rolls so much shorter for some reason.

i felt so noob. i feel like Vainglory is made for Ipad’s 3:4 screen ratio

Whenever I get Taka and Glaive in BR, I just want to AFK. I find them so boring to play🙃

Any hero that isn’t Fortress, I’m bad at it. :lyra:

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Kensei, malene, churnwalker, kinetic

Rona(working on it), almost every hero I don’t own, and fortress. I got him(Fortress) in a rare key box and I can’t use him good. Ever.