What do you think SEMC should focus on next?

Since 5v5 is now out and SEMC’s departments are finally free to focus on other things, what do you think/believe/propose/suggest that they work on next? Please do not rant and say obviously (based off of logic, not your personal anecdotes) ongoing projects such as balancing, bug fixes, matchmaking, etc.

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Putting ranked rewards, guild/team system fixes uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuhhhhhhhhhhhh

Improve ui more

Make petal op. I think that is all to make perfect game…

Team advancements, 5v5 ranked, ranked incentives, reverting skin system, improving matchmaker.

rose trail! bring back rose trail…

5v5 rank and rank reward, too


Customizable UI. Ranked mode for 5v5 map

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Event, UI, and toxicity punishment

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This is it … (30 characters)

Guild incentives (Guild Tournaments/battles)
Team incentives (Team Tournaments/battles)

New heroes, its been a couple months and I need something I can spend my glory on…

speaking of which… find something to do with glory… for real what do I use it on now? talents? no…
merging it with essence would be nice… theres too many currencies right now. opals, ice, glory, essence. whats next? rubys, diamonds, emeralds? cmon now

7V7 MAP! (jk), although a ffa onslaught on the 5v5 map (like a moba version of PUBG) would be freaking awesome as a minigame

Growing the hero roster for more variety. More options for accommodating players (ui customization, lefty mode, bottom right to top left map). Better progression rewards. Advertising, jungle monsters, effects and model improvement.

-Making steps to address toxicity: have heard a lot of ideas concerning giving incentive to play nice; sounds good to me.
-Guild incentives/infrastructure: enhancing a guild’s ability to help it’s own, especially in getting folks ready for playing in the rise. I don’t think getting people boosted is a good thing, but maybe allowing a mechanism for teams to help get the hero pool deep enough for draft. Allowing ice gifting, or glory sharing within guild? A way to find other guilds, in game who are of similar rank or composition to allow for scrimmage and community growth.

  • continue to flesh out 5v5: ranked please, and increasing the accuracy of the mmr.

Expand the Churn language.



Honestly, all I want is an incentive to play ranked.
Apart from vst, why should I? It’s just a more stressful casual for me, and I am not gaining anything from it. All I can do is trash talk the people below me, which is fun yea, but no actual rewards are received.

I hope they make it like league tbh. In league, when you reach diamond or gold or smthg, when season ends you get a special border which is displayed in VS screen, ward skins (which idk if we’ll ever have) and a free skin.
This would at least make the grind to achieve a certain rank worthwhile, maybe give a rare BP /skin for t8, epic for 9 and leg for 10. It would make the players have a sense of satisfaction and we would feel like we are actually getting something.

Now that I think about it, ward skins aren’t a bad idea, and also the borders. They could remove the rank display from the matchmaking screen (it’s very small and hard to see anyway) and give the players above t7/8 a basic, but different kind of border.

They can have event exclusive borders/ward skins (no recolors plox) which can’t be bought by ice, but would ensure that people have an incentive to play events.


Instead of teir symbols just have numbers in gold silver and bronze colour

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Resolving the bad pings in 5v5 because heroes walked like stutterstep and it is horrible.


I’m too afraid to ask for improvements. I feel like guild improvements will either be focused towards monetization or poor rewards that induce high traffic. Rewards are getting nerfed all round so it wouldn’t suprise me. I also think they will only focus on it if the sales of fame boosts and guilds working hard towards leveling start dropping rapidly.

Toxicity has been a dead end for years and progressively getting worse.

Roam, well I guess there’s nothing that can be done there. I don’t know how it plays out in 5v5 yet.

Skins are GG. Personally I would have preferred them to go fully cash, occasional event skin and rare skins for grinding perhaps instead of blindly grinding for a chance of 1 half of a skin.

All in all, I don’t really see much happening that would be in my interest. I’ll still play once in awhile to see if it’s fun still, if not, probably done with the game.

Roam is quite game changing in 5v5 you can pull off some massive outplays

Hell no, the only reason I even bother to grind for VGL is that it looks hella epic (especially back in the days when the elo wasnt inflated)

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Ranked rewards should be first priority now. Then theres talents, the useless opals, sunlight system, charms, guilds and teams, UI.

Fix the replay tool.

Better matchmaking.


Mostly cosmetic stuff like new emotes, borders, ward skins, etc as well as ranked rewards. I want glory to be useful again other than for heroes. Borders would be sick tho