What do you think “Frankie’s” kit will be like?

Or whatever his name is.


I honestly thought that was Ardan, and I think his hit will be pretty unique and nothing basic.

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Given how shallow VG roster of support heroes that can build full utility and still be effective (CW, Phinn), and he was shown to be clashing with CW itself in the promotional video, I’d say he’s a support with survivability improving heroic perk and CC oriented active.

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He look stupid. Like why his eyebrows gotta connect to his hair? I hope he is a warrior and an actually warrior too. All of the current warriors just burst down their targets like assassin’s ie Krul and Glaive. I hope he is more like Rona. I personally don’t want another support because they all are annoying with too much CC for 3v3 and not tanky enough for 5v5.

Ardan can’t afford two gauntlets for both his hands, so it’s definitely not him

It seems ardan with BfB…
I dont think the had revealed any new hero.

This is frankie…
We know for sure.

I hope he will have a time traveling knock out punch. Where he opens a portal/breach and jumps through to attack someone from a weird angle.

Two portals unlike Lyras who last.

A tether to take an ally with you. But also to protect that ally.

A mechanical unit that he spawns/drops creates.

He is a time traveling mechanic

The problem with time travel is that canonically, frankie can only use the cube when he is inside Grumpjaw because he would be crushed otherwise.

You don’t know from which time he came now. Perhaps he comes from a very distant future and he has fixed certain issues. The grumpjaw jump was a first try.

The design kinda old and lame for me, just my opinion but hes a time traveler… Can he stopped the time as his ult

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You mean to say it is very generic very plain looking? Have to agree on that

Of course, i mean that… same as Varya and Gwen

Me too, i thought it is Ardan because of his iron arms. But after i looked accurately, he has iron armor on his both arms, so he isnt Ardan…since Ardan only protects his right arm.

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I think he’ll be a jungler/roam flex guy.

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Young Model

Old Model

I think, his advantage may be do him more younger. Also, one of his abilities can stop time for a short period of time.


If they work switching his age into his kit, it’d be pretty badass!
He may get different abilities based on the “Age” he is at that moment.

I sure am hyped af. Gotta grind 8k glory.


Whoa. Please please please let this be true! That would be epic!


What if he has two sides to him? Young and old. Old has more knowledge and more developed skills (CP) young still has a strong body (WP)

Haha same ideas


Perk: basic attacks’ damage is dealt in a cone
A: Charge up his fists and releasing a shockwave in a cone, knocking back and stunning enemies caught inside
B: Wrist rockets that can be fire from his arm dealing medium AOE damage. 2 charges
Ult: Release the time machine that will reset all hero abilities for himself and his allies within a certain area.

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