What do you guys think?

So I’m thinking on talking about every hero and where they are and what changes they may need to be more appealing to players of that role. I’d go in depth and talk about everything I can get my hands on about them. I’ve been playing vg since it’s release and I’ve, for the most part, seen how each hero has be changed each patch. I’d go through the roaster starting from A and ending with Z and give a scaling of where they are in the meta and how badly they might think need some tunning or even a rework if they are that bad. So what do you guys think? I’d do this all in one go like I wanted but the website only lets me post pic at a time for now so it be continues series. I’m also up for your guys opinions too becuase discussion can help mold new ideas that might be better then the original.

I think u can go over to my wiki and explain how each hero is in the meta while explaining their strengths and weaknesses

I’d love that! But it’d be great if you’d do like one hero per week instead. It would give me a nice read, and give time for people to talk about it throughout the week.