What are your hopes for balance changes next patch?


Nerf Ardan Lorelai Churnwalker Yates Phinn Magnus ult and Kinetic. Either buff crucible or increase heavy cc cooldowns, also not being able to cruci whilst stunned is a terrible idea so revert that as well.


Funny you say that since the Halcyon Fold has details such as a village and other things in the distance that you arent able to see unless in replay mode. The Rise has nothing of the sort and the background is quite… weird? Its legit a garden in the high in the skye in the middle of nowhere.

One of the map creators had a structure of a castle (Stormqueens castle ?) for on top the map but Ig with all the details they put on the map, it was probably to storage intensive to have a detailed castle in the background…

Maybe it could appear on the PC version…


I can’t tell if that’s sarcasm or not. I’m not saying copy other MOBAs, but how much can you truly deviate or be unique in a MOBA? MOBA for years has been defined as a 3 lane, 5v5 game with auto-spawning minions… you guys don’t need an explanation, you all know.

There are already several unique factors VG has going for it, especially when it comes to mobile. The fps, the graphics, the free to play (other mobile MOBAs have way greater imbalance with purchases and heroes than VG does), and the overall unique characters and elements of the map. Mirroring clearly is not working out that well. When I have time, I’ll sketch out, based on VG’s map, how I think the jungle should look, and in fact, it could work even on the current mirror map a bit. A minor change could dramatically impact the game for the better and really create true junglers, laners, and captains.


Its not. About the LoL sentence, I was curious to see what it would be like to have a Tank/Melee lane, APC lane, and ADC lane.

Not talking about the whole 5v5 genre but as SEMC tried to put their touches on the mode such the river aspect.


Ambient Gold is a bad mechanic. I hated when it was introduced in 1.20, and I still hate it to this day. In the context of 3v3, it was supposed to increase build diversity for supports, yet literally nothing has changed. Fountain is still the best first item for supports. All it did was introduce gold funneling into 3v3 and take emphasis away from good laning. In 5v5 this issue is only compounded the issue. There’s only so many resources on the map that can be shoved down one person’s throat, so someone HAS to come up short. In this instance, it’s the top lane.
Ambient Gold rewards minimal effort for maximum gain and that by itself is bad game design. That’s why LoL’s support items require active involvement for gold gain and why supports in DoTA 2 are walking wards with high impact abilities.
Removing Ambient Gold and actually designing an effective solution would drastically improve the game.


This, I don’t care about anything else, please revert the change in crucible and I will be happy