What are your hopes for balance changes next patch?


Yeah, but the current (not that tank heavy) meta doesn’t suit him that well + they nerfed a lot breaking point + they nerfed his A (this is important part of his “dancing around the fight” gameplay) + more assassins in every game (as no tank heavy meta). Buffing the PS is not enough to compensate the all mentioned things. He is still ok as WP, but a lot better as CP mid, especially into some heroes. As WP a lot of other carries outshine him and are better choices.


It’s the best meta for him. The worst one is burst.


Didn’t I say the same thing? The current meta doesn’t suit him that well as it’s a lot more bursty vs the previous tank meta. There he had only two dmg dealers and could easily stack BP all while he got more slippery with lower cooldown A and a lot stronger BP item.


We arent in a bursty meta, we have a sustain one.


Well, it’s surely not the sustain we had with triple tanks. :slight_smile:


We have a triple tank meta XD


This. I don’t want CP vox killed, I just don’t want wp vox to be dead. This game is surprisingly stale for the number of heroes. Nerf his cp capability slightly, and perhaps not everyone autos CP vox anymore.


Doesn’t matter the number of heroes if only a few of them are usable.


My point exactly. It gets even worse when those few usable heroes have the same item path every game.


I would like to see VG encourage a change in the lane meta from the current 1-2-2 meta. A change to a 2-1-2 or even a 1-1-1 with a dedicated jungler and a roam that actually roams would be more healthy. The way I would do this:

  1. WP buff doesn’t spawn until 4 mins. The minion would spawn but it would not grant the buff until after that time.
  2. I would make SGB only proc on jungle minions, drop the cost to 300, and give it a global cooldown to encourage it as a jungle only item.
  3. I would drop the gold split much lower on lane and jungle minions while keeping a high exp split in lane and a very low exp split in jungle. This would encourage junglers to solo jungle.
  4. I would make the CP buff and WP but easy to solo even without a SGB so mid can solo the CP buff. I would also still have the CP buff spawn early. It encourages early fights over objects and gives mid a tool to solo lane.
  5. I would increase the respawn rate of jungle camps. IIRC, it’s 90 seconds. I would drop it to 75.
  6. I put more gold in the outer lanes and more exp in mid.
  7. I would increase kill assist gold for kills involving 2 teammates. This would encourage junglers to gank. Roams who travel between lanes and miss ambient would make up for some of that if they contribute to a kill.
  8. I would revisit contracts to make them incorporated into T2 and/or T3 items.


Reim right now wearing his headphones and reading this thread


I just want no random changes as the last patches


No one thinks Glaive sustain is kinda overwhelming at times?
Just me?


No, but at this point i cant even tell whats supposed to be op and whats not. Same lifesteal as krul, ult on minion wave heals him back to full. But then theres magnus and lorelai which makes that seem like nothing.


The problem is the change in minions’ health, same happens with Vox, hi uses his bounces and in seconds he goes from low to max health


It’s not really as simple as nerfs and buffs imo.

They need to decide what they want different heroes, and different roles, to do on he map.

Of course the usual number tweaks will happen, but I’d like to see some overarching changes to hero design.

Firstly, give heroes they really want to be junglers higher base damage. Junglers should be the ones you want to put levels into and be the hero with the highest impact early mid. In tandem with some other map change (can we remove ambient gold yet) this would help define the junglers role a lot.

Secondly, I think that there is no clear definition between late game and early game heroes. Most heroes considered weak early game still can spike off of a single item, so someone like kinetic who you’d expect to take a long to to skate up can start to bully you a couple min into the game. For a hero like kinetic who op right now I’d like to see her early game nerfed without her late game touched, and for someone like Baron who is fairly weak his late game buffed heavily and early game nerfed slightly. This would leave heroes like Ringo and Gwen with clearer strengths and weaknesses compared to other carries as they would actually have a lane advantage compared to later scaling heroes. I focused on snipers for this example but that applies to any kind of carry.

Just as a random though. I’d like to see flicker moved into the jungle position, and given better CP scaling on his A as an option. He should be balanced similar to grumpjaw in his role on a team.


@Guest_78 already made some ideas to limiting her early game potential.


I think with the way VG is currently structured, you can’t remove ambient gold. Otherwise, captains will never earn anything. Can you also imagine the amount of pings you’d get as a captain for stealing that last hit from your laner!? You’ve committed a crime against Skyrim and her people…

I think they just need to reduce ambient gold from lane, and increase it just a touch in jungle. I believe a significant and positive change would come from reworking the jungle layout on the map. Give it fewer access points to and from the lane. Also, reduce spawn times for jungle monsters to keep the jungler in the jungle longer, and to force a more thoughtful decision as to when the jungler comes to lane. Therefore, as a jungler, if I decide to head to lane to provide support or to try to get a kill, it’ll take me longer to get there due to fewer access points, and I am more likely to miss a jungle spawn, which means the chance of reduced gold/minute if I don’t take advantage of my time in lane effectively.

Again, I can’t stress this enough. I think a LOT of VG’s issues go away by nerfing a few broken heroes, but primarily through reworking the map a bit. STOP the mirror, and rework the jungle a little bit.


Im happy that SEMC wanted to be original with their own 5v5 map but there are flaws with that. Sometimes I wonder what the game would be like if they just copied LoL :celestelove:


They’ll probably say VG 5v5 is a copy cat but will also praise it for the slightly faster game pace and amazing graphics - all while being on mobile.

Personally, I think 5v5 is great for the game, but I think they should have taken at least another year to craft it with love like the Halcyon Fold.

Guess the money they have invested into e-sports really took a lot out of them.