What are the rules here?


Hello. I wanted to know something. In official forum, it’s not allowed to post leaks or talk about account sharing. Are they still not allowed here? And I’m pretty sure it’s not allowed player shame, so not gonna ask about that.

Sorry if there is a read me ;-; . I clearly missed that


The Community Guidelines are here https://vgforums.net/faq

We have a specific group you can join to read and create threads about leaks… However, im not sure how long leaks will be a thing here as one of the staff members already said its something that may be discussed later on… We have a few devs here and out of respect for them they may remove the group entirely to ensure dev engagement, I’m not sure what you mean by account sharing but judging from the way it sounds I don’t believe vgforums.net would allow this at All… And you are correct player shaming isn’t something allowed here or any form of toxic behavior.


Broadly the same as the last place for the time being. At the moment we are running with the default community guidelines because they are rather wonderful but we do need to add some stuff about leaks, player shaming etc.


Player shaming / witch hunting should definitely have rules against them, but so far this forum has been incredibly pleasant to be a part of. Haven’t seen any toxicity anywhere.