What animes are you guys watching

Im trying to keep up with the 2018 summer anime.

I currently watched Gundam Build Divers and its ehhh, not great but at the same time, not as bad from actual bad animes.

Cells at Work!


I’ve always liked the style of anime but never actually got into it…

I have Netflix and Hulu in NA, any suggestions ?

As of this post, I am currently watching Overlord, Cells at Work, How Not To Summon a Demon Lord, Asobi Asobase, Chio’s School Road, My Hero Academia, and Isekai Izaka Nobu.

I really need to finish Stardust Crusaders.

Overlord is really well made imo

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Tokyo ghoul anyone?? Although i havent even started at season 3 (cause i dont really have much extra time :sad:)

I really didnt like tokyo ghoul re because of the memory loss situation. i liked his crazy personality but now he has a “Must stay sane” type of personality now ;-;

Currently watching magus bride and planning to finally start the Fate series after. With the amount of free time I have, I should be finished by the Qatar world cup.

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Fate series is one of my favs. Watch FSN, FZ and then FSN UBW. Dont mess up the order.

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Thanks for the order, I can finally start the fate series.

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My Hero Academia, Tsubasa Chronicles, Cells at Work, and I’m thinking about rewatching Ajin Demi-Human (@Moose on Netflix. It’s cg but give it a chance). Does Castlevania count?? lol

Yeah ajin has a really good story, it is a great watch till the time you can handle the CG.

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Read the manga instead. No problem with the art style either.

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Some of the nice anime ive watched recently-
3-gatsu no lion
A place further than the universe

I personally like short animes, even if they have a tendancy to be rushed, it’s sorta a failsafe to make sure the anime and it’s characters don’t get screwed over. Cough cough the obvious example of sao

Here are a couple:

-Blood lad
-Black Bullet
-Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya
-Future Diary

I still need to watch 'log horizon" and “psycho pass.”

Note: i found 3 of those from youtube, and the rest using an anime recommender.

Have fun wasting your life watching!

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Rewatching through Full Metal Alchemist but I am also keeping up to date with all things Fairy Tail. Laxus is the man.