Wesg day 1

Negatives: To say the production was amateurish would be an understatement, every game there was a couple of kills or even actual teamfight that were missed cause the camera was focused on someone farming the gold oak or something. Every now and then a winter war Kestrel splash art would pop up randomely, it legit felt like the production team was just trolling everyone.

The broadcasting was terrible, not a single game of team Canada and team Korea (Aka Ace) were broadcasted, first that just sucks for those who support those teams. Second Tribe actually have a huge advantage here, out of the other 3 teams that qualified for the semi finals only team USA know what team Korea have prepared in terms of drafts and rotations (cause they played against each others). Team Germany and Singapore actually have no clue what to expect from them whilst Ace has plenty of footage to study for all 3 of their contenders.

Positives: Almost no technical difficulties, there was precisely one 1 pause that lasted less than 30 seconds the entire day, rest of the games went smooth as butter.

Feels good to have an actual Vainglory tournament for all esports enthousiats.

Predictions: Team USA have the talent but they just looked shaky in almost every game, team Germany look scary they literally didn’t put a foot wrong the whole day, Korea came on top of the group of death winning all of their games, just sucks that there was no footage of them to see how good they’re really are. I predict Korea and Germany will make it to the finals, Tribe will probably get 3rd place and Impinuty will have to settle for 4th place.


Tomorrow we start with Impunity vs ACE, the Tribe vs SLY, then I guess they will fight the others and the 2 with the highest amount of points will go to finals. I hope SLY beats Tribe honestly. SLY is honestly playing really well. Tribe surprised me a lot, I expect them to fall in the group stage.
PS: it’s me or Adagio seems op?

Baron Magnus and Grump were the most op heroes so far. Adagio is the best bot lane pick after Baron, his ult is just a game changer and you’re guaranteed to win the lanning phase with his range and sustain. Biggest surprise so far is Celeste with a 0% win rate.

“can you stack 2 breaking points” haha

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This comment cemented the appalling quality of the casters.

They seem like nice guys but severely lacked knowledge.

As for the matches:

Germans looking efficient as you’d expect, terrifyingly so.

Tribe, considering they are not a full roster I thought did ok.

GGetc I was hoping would do better but hey ho.

Let’s hope there’s a better camera operator for the remaining games!

I saw a few matches of the Pine League yesterday and the casting by Deltabaka (IRequestADuel) was so much better- it felt smoother and had actual analysis. I mean, I feel bad for the casters because chat was all up on every single mistake (e.g ghostclaw, aegis as crucible, big blue button, cp power, and etc.), but come on, its an international tournament. Like Sandiha said, it did feel amateurish in execution.

Tbh when you’re casting for such a big event you should do your homework, the casters not having a high level analysis i can cope but them not knowing simple stuff like objectives names its just cringy man. And yes there was so many better options than what was offered today in all due respect.


I heard the casters had very little knowledge. Can u guys elaborate a bit more with whay they were saying?

Where can i watch yesterdays games now?

Mistaking basic item names, mistaking objective names, and some other things. They weren’t making high tier analyzations but that doesn’t need to be a must.

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Also impunitys game against sly made me tilt

Not as much as private games taking 30 mins to start tho

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Impunity are meh. I really miss watching renegades. They were at another level altogether.

Yeah I saw the mess it took just to start that first game with Upholders lmao

Calling ghostwing ghostclaw or blacklaw blackwing, not knowing that blazing salvo and barb needle build into poison shiv when literally every wp adagio so far in the tournament built it.

Don’t forget the negative defence with Bonesaw. That killed me.

Just head over to the chinese stream or mute the commentary lol. Theres QUEEN casting.


Wait I heard at least that. I thought they were joking. That was unironic???

Also Big Red Button is nothing like Special Beam Cannon :pouting_cat:

Yes its more like a Kamehameha

They were pretty sarcastic and they tried super hard to make some kind of joke about Frostburn but it wasn’t cringy, just like actually really stupid.