Went CP Grace Lane in rank 5v5


The moment she got aftershock… she went online.
and I was in top lane against Ringo and Taka…

I could take them down though I couldn’t snowball but my A takes off a huge chunk of their health and I time my B wisely too…

and of cus I could sustain myself with ult healing me as high as 1300+


A Good Ringo will kite the hell out of you.
I am quite good with Grace but you can’t win vs a real Ringo. Vs bruisers and immobile enemies you are good though.

You had no armour and the Ringo couldn’t kill you???

I just checked the stats for that game. Ringo had a laughable 12k damage…
Your teams support had that damage without offensive items…


Basically what he just said, I’d destroy your with a Ringo bottom lane, sure you’ll chunk me down but after that your a sittin ducks and I’d blow you up…


maybe that was a weak ringo… i honestly thought I will be kited by him


Ringo’s mistake was going SorrowBlade first item. Aftershock being cheap, you chunked damage before he could.

Taka made the same mistake. He should be jungling. Not stuck in top lane.


I don’t know what ringo build is suppose.to be since i never bothered to play him but I was honestly expecting him to kite me along with taka…

usually 2 people are always at top lane


Uhm… he must have Sorrowblade as first item or he won’t deal damage.
Taking Spellsword has lower winrate than taking Sorrowblade.

That’s the dual laner tactics. They share gold in lane and jungle while stealing the health camp from enemy jungle.

Building CP increase Grace’s damage reduction. After AS and SG she would have around 30% dmg reduction, and with her armor… just take Ringo’s damage and divide it by half… maybe around 60-70 damage for each shot. And now compared it to a 1k HP Grace…

P/s: he didn’t take SB as first item, he took Poison Shiv, LOL. And not until 7:00 he has poison shiv… Yeah, a very bad Ringo.

P/s2: yep just checked back, I got Poison Shiv/Tension Bow + Boot at around 3:30. Ringo needs x2 time to get the item required (and I am a bad farmer).


As we say Bye to WP Grace… we say hello to CP Grace.


WP grace is still good … but lesser snowball potential due to nerf but she still can snowball…

CP grace is more against carries and crowd control and huge healing on your allies who needs the most heal or dive mostly…


CP is more like a tank path unline bruiser WP path. She won’t deal much damage compared to her WP, but she has dmg reduction and heal, and slow effect from A either.


and that too… her CP path can land a huge damage with her A and B too… it’s just that she can’t snowball like wp grace…


She can enable her competent allies very well though. Her damage is decent not great. Her healing barriers and dmg reduction are off the charts…


Yeah I’m not sure I agree, a decent ringo is still going to burst Grace down following her initial engage.


a decent Ringo should be able to take out any melee hero. I’m not defending Grace or Ringo. i’m simply analyzing the scenario.