Welp here's a repost with changes to my hero idea: Coby the Airborne Captain


+HP: 656 (+124 per level).


+Armor and shield: 20-50

+WP: 55 (+5 per level)

+Attack speed: 200%

+Range: 6

+Movement speed: 3.2

*Perk: Little Brothers:
-Coby has an exosuit that has 2 Shoulder-mounted Weapon Pods (SWePs) and on his back that will attack enemies (prioritise heroes) within their range (6.5m).
-Each SWeP will fire at one enemy. These SWePs will fire their MGs and a group of 4 mini missiles. For basic attacks, he uses the 2 MGs bracelets that fire extremely fast, dealing the damage of each basic attacks in 10 small ticks. The total damage of any basic attack effect is dealt in that 10 ticks. His SWePs' MGs will fire at the same basic attack speed and each of its normal attack will deal 5% (+2.5% per level) damage of his basic attacks (still deal damage in 10 ticks) +10% CP (+2.5% per level) and the mini missile will deal 10% (+5% per level) +20% CP (+5% per level) each but in whole damage, not ticks.
(Note that if the total WP damage of 10 ticks is enough to gain Breaking Point stacks he'll still gain them).
-His original health pool will be half fortified, half normal. Whenever the fortified health is destroyed, his max health is halved and his exosuit is destroyed, leaving him with a 3-round burst assault rifle that deal 35% WP each shot with an attack speed of 100%. Additional attack speed is halved for this time. His 2 first orignal skill will be replaced with other skills. Killing an enemy when his exosuit is destroyed gives him 25 Material. At 100 Material his suit is brought back. Material is also recharge over time at a rate of 1 Material for every 10s.

*A1: Weapon Override:
-Coby commands all of his SWePs to fire at the same target as he's attacking.
-While this ability is active, Coby deals extra CP damage with his SWPs and he gains extra attack speed.

+Cooldown: 10s/10s/10s/10s/6s.

+Duration: 4s/4s/4s/4s/5s

+CP damage increase: 25%/35%/45%/55%/75%.

+Bonus attack speed: 0%/25%/50%/75%/100%.

*A2: Skeleton Keys:
-Coby shoots a shotgun shell from his underbarrel shotgun at a target.
-This shot deals a 40% damage basic attack with extra CP damage in a 30° cone to the target area.
-This ability has 4 charges. After 4 shots are depleted or Coby doesn't use his Skeleton Keys within 4s, he will reload his shotgun after a period of time.

+Cooldown: 0s.

+Recharge time: 6s/6s/6s/6s/4s.

+CP damage: 40/55/70/85/100 +25% CP.

+Range: 7m.

*B1: Limpet Rockets:
-Coby fires a large missile from his SWePs at a target location, dealing both WP and CP damage in an AOE.
-If this missile hit a target, it will stick to the target, dealing a very small amount of damage upon impact then shred the target's armor and shield by 5% for 4s and 2s after the start of the defence shredding, it will explode, dealing damage to the target.
-Enemies caught in the explosion receive only 20% of that damage and take no impact damage.
-Building WP will increase the armor shred to a maximum 15% and add a slow up to a maximum of 20% for 2s. CP will otherwise increase the range of this ability up to a maximum of 10m. This ability has 2 charges and a 2s delay before he can fire again and this delay is shortened with CP and eventually removed at 200 CP. Overdrive: the WP damage of this ability can crit and it can apply basic attack effects.

+Cooldown: 20s/18s/16s/14s/12s.

+Energy cost:

+Damage on impact: 10 WP +10 CP

+WP damage: 25/50/75/100/150 +110% WP

+CP damage: 50/100/150/200/300 +220% CP

+Range: 8m.

+AOE: 3m.

*B2: Evasive Manouvers:
-Coby slides at the target location for 0.5s.
-This ability's cooldown is not affected by cooldown reduction.

+Cooldown: 1s/1s/1s/1s/1s.

+Slide distance: 1m/1.25m/1.5m/1.75m/2m.

*Ult: Big Brother:
-Coby calls in a Gunship to rain down basic attacks and Limpet Rockets on enemy heroes two at a time within his vision range for a duration.
-If Coby dies, this Gunship will leave immediately.

+Cooldown: 180s/165s/150s.

+Duration: 3s/4s/5s.

+Gunship attack speed: 200%/300%/400%.