Well we can finally one shot i guess

So heres the story
I was screwing around in blitz as normal and since i never gave leo a shot because IMO he is probably the most boring character design VG has ever gifted us I on a whim decided to give a look to what he could do.
With 5 seconds left on the blitz Q timer i quickly selected him after seeing one thing.
His WP ratios are the highest ratios in game. And his flat damage is already stupid high.

Following that start i decided for science i would troll build multiple sorrow blades.
And i was one shotting the enemies
Like over 1600 damage in a single hit



1600 damage? Those are rookie numbers with Leo.


Last update with the ult buff you could reach 2k without hard trying.

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Leo is OP as f… he got insane burst, he got also insane sustain.

Insane tankiness, insane move speed, insane base damage, insane mobility. He is th’ reason i don’t cas these days coz other side ALWAYS picks 'im.


4.5 patches later and you would think they would be on top of their balancing game.

All evidence to the contrary … :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


But like seriously, do they even play their game… how can you not notice something this ridiculous. I came back 2 weeks ago or so and noticed that this guy was stupid OP on first day.


Funny thing is he was nerfed, Imagine him before and think that somehow passed through the beta.


I usually play ARAL and ARAM so he doesnt usually pop up, plus since Miho is a thing i definitely havent seen Leo get picked

But oh boi does it seem like they have given up on balancing new heroes

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