Well, that escalated quickly



Well who wants to waste $100. Not me.
If anyone bought this, I am surprised.

My feeling is that it’s about twice as expensive as it ought to be, if they are looking for impulse purchases – there aren’t too many people who are going to spend $100 so they don’t have to wait a couple weeks for the items to be available individually.

this is really weird.
its like: do we want to give completionists a way to get the stuff, but we throw in sth they dont want to justify the ridicoulus price.

it IS a deal after all, but if you want the content of the update and got the money for it, you dont need those epic keys, making this a really, really bad buy.


Agreed. I’d actually think about it if it were ICE instead of keys – but I have 9 epic keys just sitting in my inventory already, and I don’t want Ozo anyway. So it’s a no-go for me, even though I have the money for it.

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twice is about correct, if you dont take the keys into account.
i think taking the keys away and making a price of ~30-40 $ would actually tempt many players to buy it, even though you only ever need one cath skin


its an absolute waste.
i got silvernail, because i had the free ice due to the adds, battle pass and my reliance on selling my summer keys as promised (otherwise i might have to wait a bit until i can get the next battle pass)
the rest in this update is nothing i want. i already got the cath le skin, so why would i want another cath skin? nothing is as impressive to new players as a skin they cant get.

also, why cant i get the sp fort skin for opals? and why are all three new cath skins labelled as legendary? at least the grey one should be se

side note: i want semc to classify the current event skins with a different categorie and sign (not le though, if they want to sell those skins directly in the future)
we now have 3 of them and no mention in the app that you cant buy them.

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I had 31 rare chest keys, so I thought I’d open a couple … got Silvernail in the second one :minions_happy_t1::minions_thumbsup:

(Went 7-0-5 in my first blitz as him (no talent equipped). I barely knew what I was doing, so I have a feeling we’ll be seeing a lot of him.)

Now I just need to get the Cath skins in a BP chest, and I can die happy.


yeah. right now is all about who can instalock him first in blitz. i asume too many players got it with the battle pass.

the ice exclusive period doesnt feel that exclusive atm.

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