Well it's sad to see the forum's user count just dwindled over the years

I remember the old forum. It was a big place, filled with people from all over the place, doing a lot of stuffs, posting all sorts of things but now, look at the number of members here. I just checked the stats and we now have 679 users including bots. And lemme count active users here. hazeleyes; HipsterSkaarf; idmonfish; Dachigenius; Satanicsoldier; TheInterpreter; DIMTI; Dooogeee; Xaldarian; ThePinkOtter; PumpkinKing666; PopcornOne; Pigstuffs; thace; This_Aint_Sparta_2.0; NinjaBryden; Glowarm; MacAulay; Ve3nNo0wM; Blissey123; MobileLegendPlayer; Noctural1401; Moose; Alhunt… .Boys and girls, ladies and gentlemen, to me, Vainglory feels like home and it’s sad to see my home getting worse and worse over the years and you should know that I’m quite grateful for the attention I have here. And the number of tryhard OGs here keeps dwindling. Only the toughest, the most passionate stay and to be honest, I’m glad that I still see some of the OGs here.
Just wanna say thanks for the attention though and to remind everyone of the glorious past we used to have.


Remember the old forums were on vainglories site and had vainglory in the name with SEMC advertising it now semc only advertises reddit and vaingloryfire


You know I consider myself active here


VGF sucks. The builds and stats are outdated.
Reddit, if you are searching for more shitposts, this is the place to go.


That’s why I put … after the names in case I forget someone.


I know both platforms suck but semc sees it as the only vainglory info sites just like they see vgpro as the only api

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I’d say no shit Sherlock.This text will be blurred.

Btw I feel sad for some of the OGs here e.g @Magmaw. He left VG and forums.

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I may not say anything to a post but have read majority of the posts daily.


The Vainerhood

This text will be blurred

Nah u r the cool kid from the very start.

Not an og but am a super active member

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Now you are the OG.
Damn 30 chars (fuuuuuuu)

Nope i just am a measly foot soldier in lord lucifer’s army unable to rise of general

I’m the lord Tachanka and God SAW that will bless you on your way up through the ranks.

Magmaw is here on the forums actually. He isn’t even inactive or anything.

Also, the reason the forum users have dwindeld is because this place is hard to find. The official forum is still the first search result when searching for a vainglory forum. Plus, a lot of old members aren’t even aware that this place exists because they left the old forum because it was shutting down. Hell, I only found this forum because I actually read all the 20 or so pages of ranting and mad forumers in the official note from Mjelnis that the forum was shutting down.


wait what’d i do

You participated

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just something i find wierd sorry if this was an accident and i am calling you out, but don’t these guys have semi colons?


Yeah some good folks here but too small to be vibrant. Well that’s what happens when a game dev abandons their community. Sad thing is semc doesn’t even know they’ve done it, hiding away in their safe little Reddit echo chamber.