Well hi again

Soooo im just curious to know what the permanent glory booster does or if it still works…

I remember I used to get 100 glory per casual game but this patch it seems to be more along the 20-60 glory range.

There isnt alot of people with it and maybe even forgot they have it but I wanted to know what the description was so I could see if it wasn’t doing what it was supposed to do.

I think it was around $50 to get it and Im sure as hell going to make sure I got what I paid for. :expressionless:

Anyways can someone halp and confused lyra main out?

It improves spoils of war 25% forever. (If it isn’t working, contact support.)

I submit a ticket to support for y’all who have it.

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Is it gone? I had it and now it doesn’t show up at the boosts tab

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Same but not the same, I’ve been looking for the past week before complaining and it appears randomly somedays and disappears the next…

I wonder if the system even counts that into the glory when it doesn’t visually appear.