Well... Happy New Year!


Just wanted to say Happy New Year to all you, thanks for making this the awesome community we know. I hope it only gets better this year.
Enjoy the new year, maybe we will achieve new ranks! Good luck!


Happy 2019!! Thanks to you and everyone here for your contributions to this place!

Gonna move this to “Forum Stuff,” if you don’t mind!


Thought you said “maybe we will achieve new rants” and tbh we most likely will :wink:
Hopefully 2019 will be a good year for VG despite our cynical views on it.



Yup, while my views on VG and it’s future are mixed overall at the moment, SEMC’s plans have given me a somewhat positive outlook even if they don’t follow through with some of them as before, but I digress


Happy New Year all !!! Glad to start 2019 !!!


happy new year indeed. Thanks for creating this wonderful community for VG