Well done Vainglory

This is the type of bullshit I go through with every day.
I dont even know why I bother crossing names out if you can just look me up in vgpro.


So feeders and afks.

Yeah it happens…

What’s your point?

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Feeders and afks. It doesnt just “happen”, it happens every other game.
Look at that! 5v4 and I manage to lose, and each game at most 2 from each team is the ones doing all the work, it shows how crappy Vainglory’s matchmaking system is.

To be fair that’s deftQ, a pro player. No shame losing to a pro…


He was lagging with 200ms. I succeded in taking him down most of the time in 1v1s, but its a tradeoff if bap and skye just runs into the enemy and die, missing every skill they cast.

What tier are you? I got out out of 4 a while ago, right now I’m 5 silver. Trying to reach 6 soon. I think there is a lot of that around tier 4/casal matches. I’ve stopped playing casual at this point. RIP I don’t really have those issues anymore.

Tier 5 is the worst but 6 and 7 fly by. You won’t have as many noobs or trolls and you probably won’t hit a skill wall until 8 or 9. I’m stuck in 9 because my hero pool isn’t large enough, but the past few tiers were easy.

I haven’t had any issues with 5 yet. Got to silver in a breeze. The only issue is finding time to get up to my actual skill, which I think is pretty good.

3v3 Vgl bronze 5v5 poa bronze…

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