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Welcome to the Vainglory Community Forums

This is a place to discuss all things about Vainglory - the MOBA perfected for touch.

Whether you are a new player or an old hand this is a place to share and explore the game together. The aim is to provide a mutually respectful and positive space for people to learn to play, as well as for advanced players to develop and share their knowledge. The community guidelines can be found here: https://vgforums.net/faq

This is an independent community owned, driven and funded discussion forum, with no formal relationship with Super Evil MegaCorp (SEMC) the creators and developers of Vainglory. We are run for the community, by the community. https://vgforums.net/about

These forums are running using Discourse as the forum software - it has some neat features you might not have encountered before so feel free to ask questions in the Forum Stuff category. https://vgforums.net/c/site-feedback/forum-help

Some areas of the forum are hidden by default, but can be accessed by joining the appropriate groups. For instance, the Off-Topic section. To join groups, visit here: https://vgforums.net/groups

You can support these forums first and foremost by engaging with them and being active on here.

Secondly you can engage with the community projects we will be running. For details you can check out this post here: https://vgforums.net/t/vainglory-forums-community-projects/608

Finally you can support the forums financially via Patreon:
Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/vgforums/posts
Details about this can be found here: VG Forums Patreon

We will see you on the Fold and on the Rise!