Weird resets and pings

hey guys!
new to the forum stuffs.
Played vainglory about 2 years but it started about 6 months ago.
have stable connection and it’s not device problem(Sure of it) sometimes I got +800 pings for 3 or 4 secounds and weird resets during games!it pisses me of in ranked games
any suggestions?

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How about setting your in-game graphics to low.It helped me when I lagged like hell.

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the problem is I’m not lagging the app crashes during game suddenly!

2 years would mean your device is 2 years old right? if so, then it is highly possible it’s your device. performance of old devices are known to lag after a certain time.

changed device during the time the game crashes and it restarts when I’m not lagging or having ping!

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The current patch is highly demanding graphically. Setting your settings to low when you aren’t using a very current flagships is your best bet.

So unless you have 3gb ram and a hell of a cpu you need to kill your graphics for now until they fix this stuff.

One caveat to that statement: it just isn’t true on iOS. My kids run VG with graphics on high on 3+ year old iPad Air 2’s without any issues.

That is because they have messed some stuff up for android big time…

My nexus 9 is about the same specs wise but somehow the app just craps up completely…

1.5ghz triple core vs 2.3ghz duo core. Both 2gb ram and my graphics card is better… Due to nvidia…

iOS mated with Apple’s custom silicon is tough to beat, performance wise. Especially using their Metal graphics API. I’m amazed at how well old iOS hardware continues to perform with modern software.

Android is kind of a dog wrt graphics performance. It’s getting better, but you have to have a recent release, which doesn’t seem to be available to older devices a lot of the time. I’m sure that’s a source of great frustration to game devs, among others.

(Not to hijack the thread even more, but the situation is completely opposite on the desktop: Apple machines lag light-years behind even low-end PCs graphics-wise. It’s sad.)