Weapon Kestrel is a horrible WP carry

Im really good with aiming my Glimmershots ( when im not lagging) and even if I go the crit build, It doesnt do that much damage as if I was playing another WP hero such as Gwen or Ringo.

Not only that but most of the newer heros have a huge amount of mobility and can burst her down.

I could rant more but thats just boring.

Weapon Kestrel is not that great anymore, her laning phase is limited and the energy change forces you to build Spellsword instead of Sorrowblade since after 6 A’s or a ulti insanely drops her energy pool.

I honestly don’t know what would make her better than ringo, gwen, or vox and her CP path is no longer good since the CP ratio nerf.

Maybe a increase of the Armor Pierce or Damage Boost since everyone got a armor boost.

And dont even talk about her wp path OneShotOneKill ult…

It barely does any damage when the enemy buys armor.

She mainly needs a buff to her glimmers range - both WP and CP. In the 5vs5 meta with 5 players on the field, she needs to do dmg from a little bit longer range vs how it’s now. Glimmers don’t feel impactful as a WP (not a lot more dmg vs basic AA) and as CP they put you on a really close range spot even with their splash + not like they are more than 4 at a time. WP needs to be a lot closer as no splash soooo yeah, kestrel is not that great in 5vs5.
The ult needs higher WP ration too (a lot higher) to make it useful for atleast some decent dmg, now as you said it - it’s a joke.

I haven’t tried her in the new update, but she hasn’t been good as of late. She can still work in the right comp though, she’s decent as a counterpick.

What she needs is her attack speed stacks back, and maybe some additional stacks (max at maybe 8 rather than 5). Or better, give her stacks an armour pierce. That’s what Kestrel was meant to be about, after all. Her A has armour pierce, and so does her ult (these may need to be reduced if you’re gonna give her armour pierce stacks), and yet when an enemy buys armour, she does less damage than most other heroes.

I dont think she needs more range in her Glimmer shots. She has enough range, more than any other Sniper. I find her to be strong, maybe not as strong as she should be, but thats because all WP heroes got nerfed, not just her. WP needs, IMO, a Buff.

I disagree, WP heroes are very strong right now…well, those that can abuse TB that is. Carries who can’t, like Kestrel and Vox, are at a disadvantage when compared to Gwen or Baron (who are both disgustingly strong).


Well, yeah, TB needs a nerf but the rest needs a buff. It’s sad to see the meta ruled by 1 item.

I think they’re trying to make TB like BM, necessary in every carry build. I’m not sure why, and I don’t like it…

Yeah but also fun when you’re a Gwent main

Nah, you abuse Gwen and I abuse Baron

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I hate Baron in blitz and battle royale, you just can’t do anything if his other teammates are doing literally anything

Who cares about brawl modes, what must be balance are the main modes.


Vg has the worst balancing ever currently, when they kill off a hero (rona) they dont come back until 10 patches later.

They dont fully think things through either.

They buffed Bonesaw and now Saw only needs to hit your turret four times until its 40% pierced and becomes he monster again.

I played against saw as rona (his natural counter) and he demolished me. Ok even when I atlas him. O K

And now TB is a must have in your WP build. :blush:

Edit: I guess its better than the tank meta

She was oppressive, and it’s not dead.

They changed turrets, what the have mostly is health. Also, I don’t see any problem in Saw destroying a turret, it’s what he was designed to do, and the only thing he does.

I didn’t know Rona was a hard counter to saw. Nothing in her kit allows her to hard counter him.

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She did counter him though. She engages with B and then ults. He can’t do anything but die. If he shanks she uses A, if he stands ground he dies. Dunno about anything now as I have 3 games in this patch but talking about before.


With vision he won’t allow you to do that.

So he will back off? Which is how he is working against his strength. Don’t see how not pushing lane isn’t in Rona’s favour.

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Thats not really a valid excuse as it could be a excuse to anything.

Second of all, Rona is and always be the counter for saw, Semc even said it. I could even go on a limb to say SV acknowledged it in a piece of art.

No, but that won’t allow her to engage with her b due to the low range.

No, her B has too little range.

Thats why you reposition with her A or boots, and the movement speed boost from her B.

Theres a reason why her B is so strong