We want more creature heroes! enough with human!

I don’t remember how long I have been tirelessly crying for this , probably around 2 years. I am so tired of seeing human heroes in this game already.
I get it, human shape can be reused to make new heroes easily. And human is easy to make skin. But look SEMC, easy path is failing your game cuz its boring! That is lazy!!
Who else is with me on this? Suggest your ideas of creature heroes here and hope that SEMC will see and know that they need to stop with the easy but lazy and boring designs already.


I actually prefer human like heroes. The last “monster” was GJ, and he wasnt really popular among the community (i also find him half baked and hate his kit).


never forget the orange grangor

Yeah I agree with this. Creature heroes are cool and all but if they don’t got the passion for it I don’t see any point in it. After all the game was released with 7 heroes and out those seven one was a non-humanoid creature(petal) and now the game has 42 heroes with 6 non-humanoid creatures which is the same percentage of the hero pool. If you wanna count humanoid characters as a creature (elf ears don’t count as humanoid they’re just human) we had 3/7 (Glaive, Adagio, Petal) and now we have 18/42 which again is the same percentage. So I think the devs have it how they want it.

If you wanna know my exact heroes I counted it’s Skaarf, Petal, Fortress, Phinn, Flicker, Grumpjaw for non-humanoid which is 6.
For humanoid+ I counted Skaarf, Petal, Fortress, Phinn, Flicker, Grumpjaw, Adagio, Alpha, Churnwalker, Glaive, Varya, Lyra, Reza, Ozo, Krul, Lorelai, Taka, Gwen which is 18.

Arguably characters like Varya, Lyra, Reza could possible not count but Varya is a book and Lyra and Reza have horns. Then there are characters who might count like Baptiste (I think he might be a spirit, I know people worship him but I don’t remember him being confirmed as deity or anything) and Idris might be some “enlighten” being so I don’t know about him either but I think my first choices make the most sense.

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I dont mind monster heroes or human look-like but i do mind about the model of each hero. U can make a monster hero but it isnt appealing ,i dont think any people would use that hero this goes the same as human like hero.

I’m pretty sure the reason why most vg heroes are humanoid is because they were connected to the major parts of the games lore(eg:stormguard, gythian saga).

Cause most of the non-humanoid heroes (petal,flicker, grumpjaw,glaive etc…)had no place in the major lore.An example is that Anka was supposed to continue the gythian saga as the “assasin” in Grace’s mini story.

But now with the lore gone(RIP…),they most likely won’t be bounded to this rule anymore,so hopefully we see more non-humanoid heroes in the future.


Idris isn’t that. He just got infected with the churn and now he’s living with it

Who’s “we”?

I’m kidding, I’d love to see more creature heroes.

I want more creature heros but it seems like semc isn’t feeling that vibe. I really want a third hero to complete the Meekos and Bleekos family like what they did with the arden family and bf family. Family= Groups

The Bleekos and Meekos are suppose to be Moon rabbits and Sun rabbits,in short they’re enemies.So I don’t think they’ll be a hero to complete it.

you never know UwU


Please no. I’m okay with the whole “mythical creature” hero thing, just don’t make them so ugly. Remember Grumpjaw? The community asked for it, and so far, he’s one of the least favorited hero in the game. His proportion was off intentionally. His design was not intuitive (like Phinn’s or Flicker’s). His kit was uninspired and unoriginal…
I want handsome looking beasts, or a cute one. Phinn, Skaarf, Flicker, Glaive,… were done right. They all seemed very interesting, looked intelligent and SEMC have done a good job emerging us to the VG world. And…Look at Grumpjaw, compare his Lore, personality and depth to the others…I’m not obsessed. Seeing his splash-art…uhm…am I in the VG realm or is this a Premier of Animal’s Planet “Chernobyl’s Mutant: Elephant Gone Wrong”???
Never should SEMC make that mistake again.

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Grumpjaw is uber thicc and deserves respect just like all the other women in VG. Stop insulting my gal GJ damn.


Omgod…like…did you just assume their gender! Omg!
How dare you?!

Image result for grumpjaw splash

he is cute >:^( look at that smile >>>:^^^^^^^( and the only thing deeper than his personality is his stomach. when you hear him go mmmmm lunch you knwo he wants to be fed and so he advises you to engage the enemy heroes. thus grumpjaw is truly the smartest hero flicker is just a nerd and those muscles >:3


TrashJaw …

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did you just

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Idk why you guys hate GJ, lol i win almost everytime I use him. The only thing i dislike about GJ is they made him walk and act like a dog. Which doesnt fit his appearance.


He has a minion in his mouth. Did you know that if you yell into a grumpjaws mouth it echoes? Wait what


Wow you guys are mean to grumpjaw. Hes a cute loyal creature and all he wants to do is follow your command and eat and shred your enemies and rip them to pieces. Whats so ugly about that :frowning:

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