We need to advertise ourselves to the masses

This has slowly transformed into the place of the greatest minds and hearts of the Vainglory but we haven’t been known that much by the whole community out there and those out there in needs of our help with the game so I think that each and every single one of us should go out and advertise ourselves to the community for everyone to know, to join and to learn.

I know you mean well, but you should tone it back a bit. Just make good content, and people will find it.


Now I’m here mostly in charge of sharing memes and working on new hero ideas (ps check out my latest one in the Fan Heroes. Niv said it’s quite good) but with like 20 people actually around here, there’s no point in working because I can’t share my ideas to everywhere. We need an audience. We are gamers but we here are like the artists of the game and as always, an artist needs an audience. That’s why I’m calling out for everyone to advertise, to make us great like the good old days of the old forums. Having Nivmett here is a great start on this journey to greatness. We just need more people.

This is idealistic as hecc
Just let this place grow naturally and we will be fine


Welll that’s up to your point of view. Maybe I’m just too passionate.

I think we should just stop with the whole “good ol days” stuff. Your old days aren’t my old days, and we have different ideas about what makes a forum good. Spending all your time comparing a place to your imaginary idea of a better place is a great way to make yourself and other people salty. Just worry about making your own posts as helpful and thoughtful - and considerate - as you can. The rest will take care of itself.

But if you have a cool hero idea, and make a thread on it, you’re more than welcome to share that on twitter, or facebook, or whatever else.


I tried making a hero idea once on Facebook. Didn’t work out as I intended.

Lol you high bro? Seriously you do make me chuckle sometimes keep it up…


Just let the forums go at it’s own pace, it’s doing fine as far as I see. If you wish for a bigger crowd then other platforms are available that for you to share on as well as here. I’d suggest vg reddit if you’d like.

I pick the forums because it’s the least toxic place.

The more you advertise, the more saturated your community gets. When I say saturated I mean it becomes filled with pre-teens.

What happens when you have a large community is that kids, looking to mask their insecurities, join in and try to leave their mark. That’s what VG reddit is.

I say this because that’s what I used to be like. I wasn’t as bad as some of these kids, since I usually kept to my own corner, but I would rather not have to deal with my 12 year old self.


There seems to be too many things on the line to consider. There are people who really need our help but when we open ourselves to them, we are swarmed by “normies”.

Just saying if you want a bigger audience, posting in multiple places is better then trying to get people to go from one existing vg platform to another since the only places you could really advertise would be said vg communities

Normie is a slang pejorative label for an individual who is deemed to be boringly conventional or mainstream by those who identify themselves as nonconformists.

Stop. Just stop. I am becoming exhausted – @LamDumbasspro, you’re going to take a break. See you in 3 days.