We need harsh punishment for dodgers

So I have just entered my fourth draft. This took 40 minutes and all drafts have been dodged out of.

Something needs to change when we lose more than a full game of time due to dodging and ridiculous que times.

40 minutes down the drain and now entering my first match.

This isn’t an exception it is the standard…


What I started to do is play something else in the background when on PC lol. Sometimes I was put in a hard position though. AFK most of the draft or lose my for honor duel? I am guaranteed to play my duel unlike finishing my draft so yeah I’ve made my decision.

They are different players, 40 mins for 4 drafts once you find one shouldnt happen. They have to return to when a match gets dodged, those 9 players that didnt dodge get paired again with another player, not like rn that the MM starts from 0, doing so will speed a lot the searching and dodging wouldnt cause as much time lost.

I know… But dodgers make this sick que even worse… Both should not exist. Dodging should not be possible and ques should reset when not accepted

Dodging is the last defense of a Solo Que player. I dont see It as bad because i mostly play 3v3, and there even if they Dodge It takes 5 min aprox to find a match.

This 40 min que was 3v3… I like playing the new heroes and 3v3 allows that.

I regularly go trough that cycle (5vs5 ranked):

  1. que for 4 minutes
  2. match found, but someone decline or time runs out without accepting
  3. que for 4-5 minutes again
  4. match found, but someone again decline or time runs out
  5. que for 10 more seconds
  6. match found, but someone ffs again won’t accept
  7. que for 2 more minutes
  8. we enter the draft
  9. someone dodge and most of the time in the end, i.e. another 3-4 minutes wasted
  10. back to 1

Side note about the MM:

Not to mention that in like 4 days I was pared with hundor + tetnojj duoqing - THE F… I was waiting for like 10 seconds on that one and was in t9 bronze when happened (dropped from t10b, so still faaaar behind them). Fair MM right there. Someone from the other team realised somehow vs who he is playing and dodged.

Btw, how people realise the enemy team players? The names are hidden, you don’t have access to the chat to see status if they are in your friends list. How in the world people know who they play against? Always wondered.

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Well, for me i only have to wait 5 mins. Also, if you are trying the new heroes in ranked, you deserve the dodge for putting your team in a bad position.

I won’t forget in the first game I played after the update(in the update day). My team got yates top and that mofo not only didn’t know the hero, but go CP without any actual CP - only AS and BM for dmg, no cooldown at all (full build: AS, BM, SH, HC in kinda a late game). He was useless with no dmg and super long skills cooldown and did a lot less dmg vs me in a captain position without a single dmg item.

On the side note, he said (@Xaldarian) that he likes to play the new hero, not to learn them in ranked. He maybe played quite a few games in casual before jumping in ranked. And we all know how much one will play yates in 5vs5 - he won’t. Either ban or pick/play from someone else. The ban part is 95% of the time.

Like @cha0z says I am not trying them in Ranked, I am successfully playing them and benefitting my team with my picks.

Learning a hero in ranked is something noobs do…

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Then okey, I though you were practicing them in ranked.

I understand what you’re saying, but dodging is still a really bad idea. It undermines the matchmaker’s ability to sort people who should lose, and it reinforces attitudes that make upper tiers really toxic.

If someone makes a hero choice that isn’t ideal, then they’ll be at a disadvantage and should risk losing. If you dodge their unskillful choice, you hijack the matchmaker’s ability to properly sort them because of it. You’re also passing along their unskillful choice to the next player, causing more salt in the community (not to mention wasting the time of players trying to get a game in).

There’s also no centralized metric for what a dodge-worthy choice actually is. Maybe you only dodge Roam Celestes. But someone else might dodge Ozo, or SAW, or jungle Churnwalker, because they’ve never seen them work. But if dodging as a solo queue defense is allowed because of your personal interpretations of what works, then you’d get very little games being played.


They’re not necessarly different players you can get away with 2 consecutive dodges if have good karma and 3 if you’re great karma and your punishement will probably be lpq not elo penalty. So yeah it could very well be the same player dodging over and over again

But it’s not usually the same player.

I shouldn’t have to suffer a bad MM, being paired with players that have no clue at all in high tiers is an instant lost, which then takes a lot of wins to recover from.

Hmm no i beg to differ alot of people are aware of the current state of dodging so they abuse the shit out of it. At first people were scared cause they thought they would lose 25 elo on their first dodge but not anymore people dodge left right and center


True, but again it’s usually not the same player.

But I see dodges after the first picks… So many times dodges with no reason or when the draft is still salvageable…

But it’s usually not the same player. Punishing them more just because you face more dodgers is not a reason as they aren’t the same player. Also, as I always say, until they don’t fix the MM dodging shouldn’t be fix… completely.

The matchmaker only works by ranking players based on wins and losses. Every time you dodge a pick that should lose, you make it impossible for the matchmaker to figure out where a player should belong.

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