We need a new acronym!

Hey guys, with the addition of celestial shroud, we need a short acronym to call it everyone can recognize. Preferably 2-3 letters.


Any suggestions?

Why not just CS?

Creep score is CS. Might confuse players who are familiar with mobas

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[spoiler]i forgot this dumb 30 characters thing so here I am[/spoiler]

We can just call it “shroud” just like how we call slumbering husk, “husk.”


Was just thinking this, don’t need acronyms for everything

Especially when they overlap. SS and SSw are the most toxic acronyms created lol.

Everyone that I talk to has just been using Shr

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Ss is shiversteel and ssw is spellsword right? There is no other item with a sword in it’s name so honestly why not just sword or S.sword

bc ssw has less letters than sword

By 2 letters, I only really see reason to use that when you must type fast like in game, typing out build or advice not so much. I’ll always hate that acronym in vg