We have hats tho



So in the same game there is a tier 5, 2 tier 6s, 2 tier 7s, a tier 8, 2 tier 9s and 2 tier 10s. Welcome to vainglory the moba where everyone gets to play with everyone ! Whether you’re a pro, an intermidiate player or a beginner we couldn’t give 2 shits tbh as long as you buy our latest hats


4k damage LOL. Honestly never seen so low unless the game isn’t full and ends in 4 min.

That Malene lol, the hard carry.

Is this ranked?

Yes, you can see the bans.

I frequently play in matches with all skill tiers and with/vs duoq t10 silvers pro players that is insta win/lose. Even 5 real t10 bronze good players can’t do nothing vs two silvers that nowdays are pro players.

L3oN wasn’t in duo queue with that malene he queued solo that’s the thing…

Are you sure about that one?

If so even funnier.

The VG MM is more meme than throwozo or pateto.


yes i am sure about that 303030
Edit: Correction, they were actually in duo queue still catastrophic matchmaking tho

A good release = 8/10

A great release = 10/10

5v5 release = 2/10

Slowly getting better,

But still nowhere near good.

The matchmaker hasn’t changed one bit since 3.1

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Im soooo close to quiting Vg.
I say it alot.

But eventually I will. :saw:


It would give me more time for my other games to play. LoL Honkai Im3 etc

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I already did 3030303030330303030

Huh no. Ive hard carried against Snk and Chingy/Uni twice . Ive beaten Quatervois 2-3 times. If they duo, you can still beat them. Becasue mostly they duo as a carry+roam. If they trio ie carry+roam+jungler, then GG.

Actually, I’ve been playing a lot of Warframe. It gives me what VG lacks - something to grind for - and it does it obnoxiously well for a f2p player


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