We are over IT with Tony

I’m so tired of this sustain, Tank/Assasin hybrid meta. This needs to end. The Lorelai/Grace/Tony comp is so toxic and they can snowball REALLY hard when they hit level 6. It’s just really unfair and it’s frustrating af. Okay, at least no one plays Lorelai, Grace just got nerf…but how about Tony? His A is the pinnacle of design and balance failure! He can reload his punch really fast, without the need of attack speed items, all of the punch are dashes and his last is a stun. How is that balance? How can he ramp his dps up that fast, without any possible counter play?

A note to SEMC in balancing in general, don’t just look at the numbers, look at the “satisfaction” rate of players who plays against a WP Tony. Look at how some heroes can snowball so fast, and how some hero comp are so toxic. Lorelai’s barrier and Grace’s heal on a Tony, ohh god…

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Here’s the comment section where:
A. You disagree with everything I’ve said and restate the fact that NO heroes in VG can be OP or annoying to deal with.
B. Discredit my experience and put your point of view on top of other people’.

C. Express curiosity towards the subject and tell others how you’ve encountered similar scenarios.

Why not play BF? CP or WP, both beat all of them.

I love Lorelai, most underrated hero of the entire game.


Tony is the most balamced hero rigjt iMO.
Get the right comp.

Or D. I can disagree with Tony in particular, without invalidating experience or disregarding some stellar balance issues in VG.

I have never had a problem with him. Sam, Cel, Ringo I have always out-kited with and BF/Idris + most bruisers will out last him. Sam, Cel, Ringo, Vox, BF, Idris, and all roams are my “core” heroes, so i rarely ever have a problem.

I’m having mixed reactions over Tony Tank build. In skilled hands, he’s so damn hard to kill. that fortified health every 6.5 seconds is so annoying.
Lasting for 2 whole seconds, it means the damn white bar is up every 4.5 seconds. A 4.5 second window to burst him down?
yeah, no problem. lol. sometimes.

Can’t speak too much for Lorelai and Grace. Haven’t encountered them enough.

the only thing you’re not tired of is ranged carries?


I don’t see a lot if Tonys, but when I get paired with one, I feel more comfortable. He’s tanky and has reliable CC. His base damage is surprisingly strong. I haven’t encountered enough Tonys to assess if he’s OP or not.

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He’s not OP, just annoying to deal with, like Reza or Gwen.


Oh, I love me some ranged carries, how did you know???

I thought this meta is all about burst mage so SEMC decide to release Anka to shut that out?

And nope, Tony is not OP. He just has a simple kit, that’s all.

Hum…the burst mage META is a thing of the long past and it got fixed in recent patches. And…I’m pretty sure Anka is a BURST MAGE herself? Enough said…next!

So do you want Tiny nerfed???

Same. Especially that I’m a carry main, I love it when I have a cutie Tony frontline. :heart_eyes:

I totally agree, as ally, I love him. As enemy, annoying!! :joy: Whenever he does his A, I panic. lol haha :smiley: and I always have to watch him out and try to time when he’ll do his B, same with his ult or i’ll end up in an awkward position.

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