Was in love with 5v5 at first. Now not so much

I was excited cause it’s new. And it’s a great map. However the balance is beyond fucked up and frankly considering equal skill if the other team has Gwen and Saw forget it.


Communication is garbage and IMO I’m already getting sick of it. Throw this post in the salt mine thanks byeeeee

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Totally agree what about the cancer that is koshka or Baptiste or taka the speed buffs were annoying the should just buffer slower hero below 3.2 speed like phinn etc


Baptiste is so fucking annoying, koshka is stupid, and I really hate the BF’s as well.

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What about Krul though? I think he’s pretty op.

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So far we’ve got Koshka,Taka,Baptiste,gwen,Krul,saw,BF all OP, that’s seven hero’s anymore for anymore?

i know bf is good, but is he really op? that’s news for me since i rarely seen bf in 5v5

Krul is a timewraith… He is ridiculously fast. Stickiness is not the problem his base speed is the problem.

Touch of sarcasm fro me really, they can’t all be OP…

I couldn’t get into 5v5 myself which is weird because the other mobas are all pretty much the same with small improvements and I was able to move into each one upon release but in vg something is off. I thought I was just sick of 5v5 maps, learning a new one every few months but then I started LoL recently and I like it. Only thing putting me off is the 12 decades of learning I need to do.

There’s, what, 37 heroes in the game? Is it so hard to believe that 18% of the hero pool is OP? I mean the mode is brand new, and they rushed the release of it, and SEMC isn’t exactly known as a company that excels in balancing heroes.

Why again can’t those heroes be OP?

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what heroes are you playing ? why not mix it up ?

I’ve won against all those “OP” heroes. I believe you are blurring the lines between a truely OP hero and a skillfully played hero…

if all you needed to do was stand there and auto attack to kill stuff, then it would be OP. If you suddenly saw Petal get 18/1/17 KDA . . . would you say Petal is OP or would you just say that player was a monster Petal player…

Popular heroes feel OP because they are well used by a large amount of people.


Bruh, you knew this was salty, why post in the wrong spot? :koshkaeyeroll:

But relax a bit. We still only have 5v5 casual. Ranked is coming, and hopefully will bring draft with it. :vgcheersx3:


It was late last night, I didn’t see the salt mine when I scrolled, gave up lol

Krul was the only hero to not receive a base movement speed increase with the release of 5v5. They did lower the activation of his Shadows Empower Me perk.

They should put Krul in the grave. There is no kiting him I hate him so much. He is way too fast for an undead it is unfitting.

Nicely put. Krul pushes a button rushes up on you. He keeps autoattacking with one click. He only needs to press harvest to kill you. There is little skill involved. He is faster than freaking gwen who is considered too fast.

They buffed his perk and other aspects several patches ago. He is a monster and on a larger map that effect is only larger. Why is an undead that fast?

i like facing him as Samuel. :face_with_raised_eyebrow: Pew pew, Zap… pew pew… Drift… pew pew… Zap dead

Also WP Ringo does an amazing job against krul… Varya, CP BF . . . Krul is the most countable hero in the game…

you know he’s going to use the brush, so don’t let him.


Beating Krul is about vision control and landing AP. If you know where he is, he can’t jump you. If he does jump on you and you land AP on him, he’s pretty fucked, or at least you should be able to get away.

Obviously if your team is terrible about vision then he gets scary.

He doesn’t need the bush… He can just bloody rush you and receive a Major barrier with his A… So unless you are armed to the teeth with mobility skills he will wreak havoc guaranteed. And that is all speed related…

The range on his rush is pretty short. If you’re playing a ranged hero and he’s not in a bush, he shouldn’t be that close to you. If you’re playing Melee and arn’t landing AP on him he’s either pro with a RB or you aren’t building AP.