Warhawk first game

The game bugged after the loading screen so Warhawk was late
He picked the items quick and followed the minions to his top lane , while he against baron and Lyra was covering the lane .

Lyra : I wish these minions can carry us this game (while Warhawk passing with the minions)

Warhawk: rude !

And he started farming while Lyra and baron looking at him

Baron : strange looking minion ! You are a hero ?!

Warhawk:shut up

Baron : is this a hero ?
Lyra : I think it’s a new minion captain design and bugged , he can talk !

Reim coming to gank top lane

Reim: wtf is the enemy top laner afk

Warhawk: a stupid old man thinks he can gank me heh

Reim : wtf Lyra did you just mock me with your helium voice changer , can I try it please .

Lyra : it’s not me , it’s the bugged minion

Reim : no way that’s a minion he can talk , I’ll go gank the midlane until they surrender this is unfair 4v5 .

Vox : I just pushed the lane we good , do you need a help , who is the top laner .

Reim : afk

Warhawk : your mind is afk old man

Vox : is the new hero invisible or something I hear weird voice but I can’t see him .

Lyra : I think they didn’t release the new hero probably next update .

Warhawk : this is bs Iam leaving , I swear I’ll teleport home spam abilities if you keep insulting me .

Vox: woaaah a talking minion .

Warhawk : Iam the new hero can we just act normal and continue the game please .

Vox getting close to him , opening his mouth and screaming inside it

Vox : wow there is no echo , this minion is a hero

Reim : impossible do you want me to kill him to see his blood , if it’s a hero red , if it’s blue then a minion

They all jumped on him and killed him

Reim : oooh it’s red , but Iam not sure if this a good proof , wait did you hear the announcer .

Vox : no she didn’t say anything !

Lyra : your kills are zero but your CS increased I think .

Reim : dude I told you it’s a minion !

The announcer : hahaha just kidding , enemy hero killed .

Vox : good one announcer , is he coming back .

The announcer : ally hero deserted the match

Reim: moron , I didn’t like his voice , come on semc are we a joke to you , we need a challenge , put him as a replacement of the gold toad but making him a hero , no !!! .

Petal looking at reim

Reim: and make petal a replacement of the jungle backs .

Petal attacking reim

Reim : woaaah that was fast , did they buff your munions speed , useless buff they tickle , a fast tickling creatures , cute .

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