Wait what?!?!

This is so damn unfair. It was ranked 5v5 that to. I got matched into a party of VG bronze-silvers and had all poa bronze-silvers in my team. This is just bs

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I moved this to the saltmine as it is rather ranty and doesn’t really have enough substance for a discussion.

Well, sometimes emotional outbursts IS substance… I feel your pain.

On the up side, if you won, you would’ve got some insane ELO gains.

Nice in theory, but slim chances there.


True but i cant. And no the vg silvers were all my friends. They were in a full party. I was playing soloQ. This is the first time i m meeting a full party in soloQ in 5v5.

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Tho it really is a serious issue and frustrating one too… countless time I was also paired into full VG parties while I am soloq and have team of only soloq(no same guild, no same team, random people and it shows ingame). This is absurd, especially when we count it’s ranked after all.

I understand the reasons they do it, etc, but not only it’s not fair, but the games are fast one sided slapping around… :confused: Even if at the same skill level, comm team will be like totally diff level vs soloq team. Not to mention that those players play regularly together and for a final nail are frequently VG silvers (or got atleast two of them) or even gold while my team got POAs and 1 VG bronze at the lower range. gg wp no re

You can’t win vs full vg silver’s party with voice comm, even if you are in a team of VG silvers too (but soloq). The chances for a win are worse than to unlock the cool skaarf skin via the chest. :slight_smile:

@slothslayerlawl happens a lot to me from poa bronze till now at vg bronze. Full teams vs me soloq… frustrating. Forget the elo, those games are the primary example for one sided.

it’s always been a thing sadly

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