Wait time official statement

After submitting a support very recently I just received a quick obviously scripted response to wait time


Thank you for coming to us and thank you for playing Vainglory.
We are sorry to hear that you are experiencing long waiting time for your matches. We understand how such a situation can end up feeling frustrating.

We are aware of reports from players who are experiencing long matchmaking times. This is a metric that we are keeping a very close eye on. In particular, we found that due to party parity rules, that full parties in particular are experiencing long queue times.

Our platform engineers are very focused on monitoring the metrics data and making sure to stomp out any leftover minion trying to sabotage our beloved 3.1 update. They will not rest until everything is back to its aimed buttery-smooth game experience, and are extremely thankful for the support and understanding they have received from you guys. It only pushes them to work even harder, and they asked us to thank you on their behalf.

Thank you for your patience and understanding, as well as your encouragements, while the devs investigation is ongoing.