Vox and the new TB

Remember the patch where TB, PS, BP vox was OP? Its back and its even better. I was forced to play wp vox and i cant even stutterstep properly. Opp had a gwen. So i pretty much gave up and decided to try the TB build and realised its OP AF and won easily.

I feel like everyone exaggerated the power of Gwen. She’s literally like every other WP carry except she has a dash that gives her immunity and a stun. She’s good but only in the right hands. Also I think SB TT TB TM might be better because it has the optimal WP build for this patch.


I made this work on many WP heroes, even before this patch… I’ve already noticed just how strong WP path is this patch… I just don’t want to promote it too much. :zipper_mouth_face:

Everybody’s going off about CP path… Cp this… CP that… shhhh, WP is still the king.

My hands are the right hands hehehe.

As for Vox, yet to try, I never play that much Vox tho so we’ll see. Still think CP will be better this patch.

In all fairness, WP path has always been decent to strong; particularly if the hero is a fast, basic attack reliant carry.

The nerfs to WP items was minimal, and while the buffs to defences do hamper WP carries a bit; they are compensated by the buffs to TB and Bonesaw as well as the nerf to Atlas Pauldron.

In relation to that, CP carries that mainly rely on basic attacks are probably more reliable than ability carries, but slightly less that standard WP carries.

From my perspective, it’s because the nerf to Alternating Current and no burst style pierce item for CP carries like TB.

Overall, I think 3.8 is asking players to play with the pierce items bit also not forego the ramp up items despite their nerfs.

Bonesaw probably needs some more time to become prominent.
Maybe it’ll be picked by Captains or brawlers lile Glaive and Krul.
In tandem with a TB ranged WP carry of course.

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tb is pretty good even for 1st item…
that 50 extra wp (and 125%) from it’s passive is strong early game

No. I firmly disagree.
Firstly, the effect comes only once in 6s
as a first item, its worse than the previous TB as it does lesser damage as a first item.
Secondly, its highly priced. You might as well get a SB and do a lot more damage every basic attack than do a little more damage once every 6s.
and on top of that its unnecessary pierce. People barely get MJ now and even if they do, its much later. You will simply lose a 1v1 because you’ll have no damage compared to a ringo/gwen with an SB.
WP carries should always build their main damage item first (except vox)

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