Vox and Taka, again

I’m back again…
Poor Vox got X-Retsu…


Bromance is the limit… Touchy feely=I kill you…

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more pls. Moreeeeeeeeeeeeeee

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@ExCurryStick i’ll try ‘v’~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

stop shipping them… you might give SEMC some ideas…bad…ideas…

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@Doogeee y tho :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

SEMC should make Taka on ice to ship with vox…
Cause school days taka and vox dont seem to get with each other ;C

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I always see this ship, but never any others. Why this ship? What’s the basis behind it? Does anyone even know, or is it all just bandwagon because it’s a Gay Thing ?

Taka on Ice

This text will be blurred

I thought we already shipped Taka with Koshka/Gwen since they are either similar or are related lore-wise

Maybe Tony and Koshka ship? :thinking:

No Rona and Tony ship. Seeing Rona dominate that little man fucking yes.


Because these two the only semi-attractive male characters in the game.(excluding Ringo)


or even Edgy McEdgelord, arguably

So are you suggesting Idris×Adagio!!! Oh shit you’re genius. Idagio? Adris? Hmmm…


It’s a response on u saying there are no other semi attractive males kek. Also Ozo is best husbando you normie @DIMTI

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I know I’m just messing around. The real reason people ship Vox and Take is cuz people like nekos and everyone thinks Vox is gay, idk why it just is. Also Adagio is too much like a real yaoi character, huge hands, skinny body, and long hair such a 2008 yaoi character lol.


Uhm obviously it’s because Adagio is with Baron

What no Baron is with Skye >.<

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