Voice Actors and maybe lore

Anka has the same voice actor as Rona

And DeerLady (forgot her name) has the same voice actor as Lyra

And one of the comments might have a little bit of lore.

Yates Is against DeerLady as he says he cuts down old trees and old beasts

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Damn you beat me to itThis text will be blurred

Fairly sure she’s done other heroes too, not just Lyra and Inara. Can’t remember which ones tho

All the actors that I’ve been able to confirm are in this thread

If you know of others, feel free to add to it!

Ngl lyra’s voice is one of the most pleasing voices to hear.

That and lance’s screams. I want to know what master voiced those.


Right? Someone get me to Gythia

The gythians make character.

ASMR healer,
Orgasmic screamer,
Edge lord,
Old ice mage,

Oh yea


Forgot the stern religious zealot mommy, Grace.

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