Vision in 5v5 - How it works and how to use it well

Why does Vision matter in Vainglory?
Vision is important because it increases your map awareness - your knowledge of where the enemy is and what they are doing, and knowledge is power. If you can see all 5 of the enemy over the other side of the map you know you can safely push in your lane and get some free hits on their turret, conversely if 3 of the enemy are missing you know they could be coming to gank you so its best to play it safe.

We are used to a plenitude of vision in 3v3 Vainglory - but that is in some ways unhealthy - it enables a team that is ahead to cement their lead with long lasting vision across the Fold so that they know if the enemy dares set a foot outside of their base. The Rise in contrast is a much darker place, with less vision available, which opens up considerable strategic space to utilise the opponents limited information.

Vision is considerably more limited in 5v5 than 3v3. It also has changed from being the almost exclusive job of the Roamer (aka Mine/Flare carrier) to a team wide responsibility. This means that everyone needs to understand how the system works, and how to use it efficiently.

At a base level the big changes are that flares and mines as consumable items are gone - instead the main vision items are scout cams - which everyone starts off with two of, and they recharge over time. This is supplemented by items which boost the number of cams you can have, reduce their recharge time and make them tougher alone with a Flare Loader which serves as a seperate item to act as flares used to.

In detail here is the new system:

Vision System:

Type Charges Duration (Seconds) Recharge (Seconds) Basic Attacks
Scout Cam 2 150 180 5
Scout Pac 3 150 150 5
Scout Tuff 2 180 180 6
Scout Pac + Tuff 3 180 150 6
Super Scout Cam 2000 5 210 120 7

A basic attack reduces the remaining time left for the scout cam by (total cam duration/number of basic attacks to destroy) seconds. So for example each basic attack of a level 1 scout cam removes 30 seconds from its total duration.

Scout cams will only see invisible objects after a short delay when you first place them - like the arming period on a mine. Scout cams are visible to all during this arming period.

Scout cams provide true vision within their radius meaning they reveal hidden objects. However they will only provide vision in a bush if they are placed in that bush, and they will not provide vision of a place where you don’t have line of sight (ie they will not show you what is on the other side of a wall).

Flare Loader - 3 charges - charge lasts 4 seconds and recharges in 75 seconds.
Flares provide true vision over their entire radius regardless of line of sight - however if there is a bush within their radius they only provide vision into the bush if the centre of the flare is over some part of the bush. Invisible objects revealed by a flare will regain their invisibility when they leave the radius of the flare or when the flare runs out.

Several things to note here. The limited nature of vision increases its importance - if you want to stay safe in your lane or aggress on the opponent you need to use vision effectively - so a well placed scout cam is your new best friend. However it is also very easy to waste your vision - and that is fairly unforgiving - at the base level its a full 150 seconds before you will see that cam back again - so you need to treat it like its precious. It also means that team coordination is important - wasting vision hurts, as does dropping vision in the same spot another team member has.

Some good rules of thumb for vision placement:

  1. Don’t just place vision because “you have it” - place it intelligently - think about where you could use vision defensively, offensively and for giving team wide information. You want it to last the full duration and provide valuable information across that whole time. A mix of defensive, offensive and major objective cam placements is ideal.
  2. Do not use Scout Cams to scout with. If you are fairly sure there is an enemy in that bush, or you are not sure - do not drop a scout cam to find out. Instead that is a job for a flare, or a facecheck by a tankier hero. The reason for this is simple - if you drop a scout cam in a bush where an enemy is they will get at least one free hit. And if they or an ally has a scout cam available if there isn’t already one present they are now free to drop it in the bush and to clear out your cam.
  3. Place scout cams in areas you have effective control of. I typically drop scout cams close by me or my ally so that we can rapidly take advantage of the new information and clear any enemy vision present. If you place a scout cam in a place you cannot typically control - especially if its a commonly contested area like the mid lane bushes, then you open yourself up for countervision play.
  4. The scout cam upgrades are worthwhile for a roam to get - as is the Flare loader in early game - it can be traded for a couple of vision clears in early game fairly easily.
  5. If you are going against invisible heroes its often worth laners holding onto a scout cam which they drop as the enemy engages.
  6. When you can take a hit or two on enemy vision do so - every hit reduces the effectiveness of their vision by 30 seconds roughly.
  7. When possible roams and jungles should keep themselves to the bushes - this does two things for your team. Firstly it means you provide vision with your body for a laner, preserving a scout cam, and secondly it increases your opponents uncertainty - if they can’t see you then you could be anywhere and they have to behave accordingly.
  8. Don’t waste the advantage that vision gives you - if you are in mid and you have a scout cam in a side bush and you can see Krul camping there, don’t take a shot at him unless you can kill him - you are better to ignore him and stay safe, without revealing your knowledge - because if you reveal it, it will get cleared. You could even ,if you are playing in a coordinated team, call for a counter gank.
  9. A couple of cams inside the enemy jungle or along the river can provide you a lot of information about the enemy movements.
  10. Towards the end game some deeply emplaced scout cams can give you other options in terms of engaging the enemy such as buying teleport boots and ending up behind them.
  11. When taking one of the dragons you must have vision inside the dragon pit, and usually across the other side of the wall if the pit is on the enemy side, or in the bush next to their crystal buff camp if the pit is on your side.
  12. Flare Loader is very effective for counter vision and for countering invisible heroes.

Wait, so you can use teleport boots to teleport to cams? Wow

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Yep. It’s in the item description.

I agree with this, basically thats what i do as a roamer cover the map in cams :slight_smile:

Just wanted to pop-in and say that Adagio can heal cam bots. Which means he can use them as an ignition source to ignite enemies (at least as of 2.12.2). Have fun :wink:


Yeah I didn’t mention all the “interesting” issues which need ironing out - I think the worst is that CP Ozo can drop a cam at an enemys feet then use his B to bounce onto them, and onto the cam and back to them.


I know they’ll likely patch that out, but I think it’s cool. I personally think they should be treated as interactive objects. I can see the argument for not doing that, but I think it adds an interesting dynamic. It’s not like you can spam them so it’s actually such a small use case that it comes down to what plays you can make with them. Sort of like tossing a flare to reveal a treant and BRB to it as Ardan. Just something the more advanced players can dazzle us with :wink:


Yeah it can be used to outplay people.