VG's biggest problem

VG needs to stop insta disconnecting when u close out of it. Maybe give it a time limit. If I get a call I need to essentially close and then reopen the game, but I can play and have the call go on at the same time. However, these calls can cost you the game as you go afk for about 20+ seconds which is very annoying to deal with. THIS needs to be one of the main priorities right now. This issue can cause many game which can be won to be lost immediately if it happens in the late game which is stupidly annoying


Im pretty sure the matchmaker algorithn is the no 1 priority they need to fix right now.


Right now as it stands currently it has been doing decently so far. Games have been balanced for me at least. This is still a major issue


yes pliss i just wanna change my song i didnt mean to not tap the forward button

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Poas matched with 3 credie threat in 1 team sure is balanced.

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Has that still been happening to you? Either I’m lucky or…I’m just lucky…

This. I mean I think part of it is to somehow prevent cheating but the disconnect every time you leave the game us just…ugh.

How about fix that “ghost LPQ”… where you get put into LPQ for nothing… second time in 3 days.

The answer is a tablet…

You’re welcome.

the answer given is inaccessible due to lack of money. no thanks.
also im not buying a tablet for just vg smh, and i like playing on a phone more

Do not disturb mode.

I find the screen way too small, even at 5.5"…

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ok but dnd doesnt rly help with my problem? i like playing my own music and sometimes i tap the rest of the song notif thing instead of forward

I play on my tablet and fix my music via phone…

i don’t have a 2nd device tho.

Use headphones and forward through their buttons?

dun have any anymore rip, besides earphones better

Am I understanding this correctly?

You don’t want to be punished for going AFK and throwing matches. This should be priority 1 for developers.

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I want the re-connecting to happen much quicker than it currently does since the moment u have to close the app to quickly check something even for a second u have to spend another 20+ seconds just to reconnect. I think u misinterpreted what I said lol


I don’t think they will be solving it any time soon. I can come up with many theories to why but my best guess is really the loading of the many polygons they use. Maybe they have a maximum loading speed which makes even the fastest devices load at the same time as normal ones (and well… slower ones… may load slower).

So as of right now I’d say they should fix the algorithm. It’s no fun in one draft being paired up with pros, someone dodges and the very next draft you get from the same queue is tier 4-5 players. I’ve always been alright with 3v3 solo because everyone kinda had the same mmr but 5v5 solo is being a nightmare.

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I think I interpreted it exactly. The solution is not to leave matches, put your phone on do not disturb. How many games have you thrown? How is that fair to other people playing the match?