VGPRO's MVP system rigged?

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working on my Lance skills. I want to earn MVP with him.

i once played lyra and reim and got mvp 3 times in row , 2 for lyra and 1 for reim
as reim i got clean victory invading enemy , stealing jungle pushing objectives.

as lyra i focused vision and was there everyfight and took objectives .

so i think the mvp probably a player who is active the whole game doing something
and its more easier for a laner in 5v5 or a jungler in 3v3 , a good positioning laner who rotate all the map can get the mvp easily .

I’ve actually had this question before

My Ozo not MVP how (or even the skaarf)

For people who are actually confused about the MVP system in It’s based off whether or not you did well to compared to the enemy player who is playing your position. KDA, damage dealt, healed, and absorbed do play a role though.

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Objective damage is more than likely considered too and I don’t believe this is visible on vgpro

Try Vainaura and Vgminer to see this stat.

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