VGPRO's MVP system rigged?

Apparently, doing the most damage in the team and carrying my team to victory isn’t enough to earn mvp in my matches. They need to fix how mvps are distributed in

how are you certain that you are the mvp?

Again, i do the most damage in the team and have the most kill participation almost every time.

you also tied for the second most deaths on your team.

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you are t6 as well you posted a picture of your vgpro. i have not ranke dmuch for the last two seasons and only started doing it more abojut a week ago. i was almost t8 before i gave up on the toxic mess. and you are putting too much store in rank


i told you on the other thread i don’t play 5v5 mloa :joy_cat:

how do you define suck? i define suck as irritating people with a god complex who don’t know how to listen.


Just wait he’s gonna become one of those pretentious POA players that think they’re good but there is a reason why they aren’t VG yet. Maybe he’ll get lucky when all the high tier players are busy with esports.


you talkin about me? :sunglasses: :joy:

You’re not MVP because you don’t have the highest KDA in your games. I thought this was obvious. Even though you did a lot of damage, you also died a lot. This sets your team back. And honestly, arguing with someone about their rank is kind of dumb. You can’t tell a person’s skill by their rank, so why bother? Even if they’re a high rank, they may be boosted or smurfs. If they’re low rank, they may be casual players. Finally, a MVP title doesn’t mean anything at all. All that matters is that you think you did well.


Actually a MVP is calculated based on a lot of stats - damage, kills, assists, deaths, objectives, CS even I think. It’s not only the kda or the dmg. Objectives are big part on the calculation.


If you think “doing the most damage” is what makes someone the most valuable player on a team, your understanding of Vainglory is rather incomplete.

I don’t know what VGPro’s formula for calculating the MVP of a match is, but when I created that feature for Andi, I included several factors in the calculation – and damage isn’t one of them. And Andi and VGPro generally agree on which player was MVP, fwiw.


the MVP formula on vgpro is actually fairly accurate.
I’m not sure how it’s calculated as well, but when you consider all the factors in who had the most impact in the outcome of the game, it gets it right 9.9/10 times.

it’s not even KDA related. I’ve got MVP for a match having the lowest stats in the whole game, but i got it because i made critical shot calls that changed the outcome of team fights.

KDA and damage is part of it, but the calculations is far more complex than just that. I’ve also been trying to figure out how it’s calculated, but I am no closer to solving the immense puzzle. All i can say is it gets it right.

You can lose and get MVP as well. it’s quite a complicated formula they got going on there.

'not sure, man. Like, sometimes it’s right and makes me MVP… but then it’s often wrong and makes other people MVP. :grimacing:


it’s very hard to tell. sometimes the line is so fine that it’s litterally a hair between 2 players getting MVP.

i should screen shot some of my past matches… I’m not kidding… Lowest stats and got MVP. then i’m rattling my brain to think… ok… what did i do to deserve that?

then i’m thinking, it must’ve been my shotcalling, teammate saving, objective takes… overall presence in all fights.

Sowwy, I was trying to make a funny. :disappointed:

On a more serious note, though: Objective damage is most likely that invisible force. In my last match, MVP went to an otherwise unremarkable Skaarf, who ended up decimating 2 armories and the Vain by himself. That did the trick.


i don’t see the joke :sweat_smile::joy::disappointed_relieved::sleepy::sweat:

Hahah… well, while I’m obviously fabulous, I probably don’t deserve MVP in every match I play. Probably. :sweat_smile:

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Readin the start of this thread gave me a head ache. Like i find people who rely solely on their tier to prove someone wrong is a big turn off. Not only does that not make me want to play with them but even associate with that kinda toxicity.

Anyways, Since y’all pretty much said what needed to be said and already talked about it. Ill just say that CP Vox is one of the heros i somehow manage to get MVP?!? Maybe it’s because of the amount of resonance damage i deal and/or how i love to take objectives :stuck_out_tongue:

What heros do u guys tend to get MVP on?


I have worse KDA than Grace and still get MVP, maybe it because the last fight I triple stun and slow their entire team so Celeste and Baron can follow and blow them up.