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VGPro is now updated


VGPro is finally updated after 2 weeks, at last!
Joule is broken.
Vox is finally dead!
As I expected, some heroes are extremely strong, and others are extremely weak. Rip.
@coltonJW there you have reim.


Can we officially say hero balance since @Nivmett left has suffered?

We shouldn’t be seeing 5 heroes at -10% win rate. I understand how we get one broken hero that has a >60% win rate. One can slip through but the goal should be all heroes are +/- 5%. There are 12 out of 47 outside that range with 10 on the bottom. That’s 26% of the hero pool unbalanced.


They’re on the right track at least. The jungle changes are good (and makes assassin junglers actually good now), but there definitely needs to be some changes to several heroes, especially Yates and Lorelai whom are too good rn. Phinn and Churn could use small nerfs as well if the get hit as they would obviously reign supreme if Yates and Lorelai get knocked toned down a couple notches. Also Fort could use a buff, but don’t make him op like in the beginning of 5v5 :^)


Most of the horrific winrates i’ve seen from VG.

My statements:

  1. How is it possible for the pbe not to spot broken changes to heros? My understanding is that the pbe is way to small to observe if all the changes are right.

  2. The balance team really needs to step its game up, they either over-buff or nerf heros and its not a good way to handle things.

  3. LoL has double the amount of heros in Vg and they manage to keep 98% in the 40% to 50% range. How. Just how. (mid range in 40% and low 50%)



Almost a 63% win rate on Joule and no nerfs in the 2 hotfixes that have been rouled out for this patch, the devs sure got their priorities right. The amount of heroes with disastrous win rates is alarming, there is literally a good 10 heroes that are just unplayable.