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Vainglory Community Edition server inquiry

Sent: Sat, Apr 4, 2020 at 6:54 am


I am the administrator of the Vainglory Community Forums ( as well as the developer of the Andromeda Discord bot. A number of our forum members have expressed interest in playing Vainglory in its new incarnation on a “VGForums server,” so I’m inquiring as to what’s required to get one set up/hosted/sponsored or however it is to work. :slight_smile:

Thank you!

– hazeleyes

Sent this just now. Will keep everyone posted as to the response.


Now, if we manage to get our own server, we need Nivmett to balance things (except for the last 3 heroes as they need to be killed).


YEEEE BOI :easter_happy_3:


fingers crossed.


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While having Niv balance would be cool, we could at the very least have someone reply to that tweet he made regarding notes on numbers from patch 2.8 or so. We could then tinker the numbers on heroes post CW to make them fit. Although, I would say that CW would need to be nerfed from his 2.8 release to something a little closer to present day CW.

Anyway, thanks @hazeleyes!

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“Infinity War is the most ambitious cross over in history”

My Grace bias crossing over to Vainglory balance: :eyes:

Would this still be limited by region? Like I’d love to join in if this happens.

Anyone would be able to join any server under this new architecture. The farther away you are from a given server, the worse your ping is likely to be, but that would be the only limitation.

This is cool, we will see different servers having different balance notes and such, if they are independent from each other.

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For Europe most uses Frankfurt, most countries in Europe (if not all) got decent/great ping.

So now we just have to wait for month or two until they probably have the server hosting figured out (according to the time schedule).


Thank you for reaching out and expressing interest in supporting the first phases of the community server. We are working through a plan currently to enable this, and have yet to find the right partner. The general shape of this will involve Super Evil partnering with a server hosting solution—in which you can reach out to directly, license servers through these partners at the specifications desired (size, geographical location)—and this provider will in turn enable you to host your own Vainglory server. We currently do not have estimated costs, time, and all the details associated with this yet as we are still in discussion with potential partners.

Stay tuned in to our YouTube channel here, or the Twitter for official announcements of when and how you can be involved.

Thank you.

Super Evil team.

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generally nothing, all that info is already known and presented by them at earlier date. :confused:

Yeah, I was hoping for more information, because I have a LOT of questions, but …

What I don’t like is that servers cannot add new heroes nor doing anything new except balance changes. Players will basically have the current Vainglory for the Community Edition


Exactly and that’s a big big problem. It’s basically frozen current VG with less features, no friend list and whatnot removed, no new content, no centralised place leading to a lot less players in your server, different ELO most likely on different servers (or atleast the number will mean different skill on different servers) and so on and so on. I wish I can see something good coming out of this as I would gladly play some more VG, but… :frowning:

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The only hope is that people can be creative and make new game modes. I was reading on discord that someone wanted to make a sniper wars with the quad sniping heros with low ult cooldowns n such.

But other than that. The game is dead. The app will probably be a digital museum for what VG used to be and play like.

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We’re all Jane from Titanic, holding on to Jack, a frozen and dead Jack, and each of us will have to decide when to finally let go of his once beautiful face and watch him go into the depths. I’ll likely let go sooner rather than later, to have the lasting impression be a more in-tact and beautiful face, than watch those snotsicles continue to grow.

I’m so poetic.

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You mean Rose? :rose: