VGforums COD Week #3

Happy Sunday to all! Standings will be updated momentarily. Thanks for all of the great feedback and participation. We’ll get week 4 started with a community members suggested challenge from @RSerperior:

Sunday, January 27th 2019
Win a game playing as Phinn using a WP build (at least two items) in either ARAL, 3v3, or 5v5. Bonus points for doing it in a ranked match (good luck getting through the draft with that one el oh el).

This challenge was posted at 12:00pm CDT, 4 hours later than the information states. Therefore, folks have until 4:00am CDT Monday, January 28th to complete the challenge. Good luck!


I felt guilty. :vg_go: :vg_caution:


Whoa how and why are there so many AFKs in a single match?

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Because it was a casual match. Even so it’s interesting… :face_with_monocle:


Well, congrats! I only tried once today. Went 1/4/1. Lost bad. We were definitely out matched, but I didn’t play well myself.

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Gonna try this today xd
I’m low tier so it doesn’t matter anyway…

Monday, January 28th 2019

Good morning. Today’s challenge is all about KDA. You can complete this challenge in any mode as long as you meet the requirements (must be PvP):

Blitz: win a game with a KDA of 6.0 or higher
5v5: win a game with a KDA of 5.0 or higher
ARAL/3v3: win a game with a KDA of 4.0 or higher

To clarify, you do NOT need to do every game mode. Simply win one game, in any mode, with the KDA score listed above and you will have completed the challenge!


I’m a bit conflicted here, I have to say. I like this idea of Challenge of the Day (even tho I haven’t got around to it yet), but I don’t think it should promote trolling as such. Can we make sure these don’t push things like WP Phinn in Ranked?


Yah, I have to agree with this.

Easy challenge… :blush:

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I’m on board with this. Thank you for the feedback. There is a population within the community that does find always going with the META or staying on the beaten path a bit bland. Those challenges (wp Koshka and wp Phinn) were to cater to that population and serve to be just that, a challenge, as a hero like Phinn going wp and being successful isn’t as easy as going support build.

That said, again, I am in agreement with you and appreciate the feedback. In the future, if I am to make an “off meta” challenge, should I require it to be done in a causal match? In other words, do not offer a bonus for doing it ranked? Or would you prefer I leave these types of challenges out completely?

Thank you for the feedback, @MacAulay ! I look forward to hearing back from you to my questions above (others can chime in as well!) and to having you complete a challenge in the near future!

Great! I was hoping to make it a little easier with the goal of more folks completing the challenge. I want more names in the standings!!

Don’t bet me wrong, I love playing off meta. But I’ll never play an off meta build in ranked unless I’ve tried and tested it first. In my opinion go ahead and keep these kinds of challenges going, but don’t give any bonus points for ranked (or even advise people not to do this in ranked). Thanks for understanding, just trying to keep the game less toxic!


Consider it done! I also hope it’s clear my intent has never been to create such an environment. Your comment does not suggest you think this - I am more addressing the VGF community at large in case some are concerned.

The goal remains to bring our community closer together and to create more unique and difficult challenges than the typical daily quests for chests in-game provide.

Keep up the good work all!


I tried to do it without Baron and got close a few matches. Utilized my 45-min break at work. Just hard to resist with his epic talent.

Trying to keep up with you, @SeRAPHiM1!


Good luck, but it’ll be hard for you. :smiling_imp:

Completed today’s without using Baron. It’s been the easiest one yet BY FAR, did it on my second Blitz match of the day. Magnus is pretty fun.

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Tuesday, January 29th 2019

Good morning! Here is today’s challenge:

Win a game with at least 10 assists. Any PvP game mode counts.


Of course, I have time to play some this morning and all I’ve gotten in ARAL are carries …

Yes, certainly a captain favored challenge. However, you could intentionally NOT kill them?? Maybe?

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