VGforums COD Week #11 Mar 24-30

Week 11! Forum mods are creeping into the ranks! We saw two more community members join in on the fun. Thanks, @HipsterSkaarf and @TadashiN!

Sunday, March 24th 2019
Win a PvP game with a KDA score of 11!!! Double bonus points for doing it in a ranked match. Any PvP match counts. This could be a tough one… Good luck!

You did mean “11 or greater,” right?

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Yes sir, Mr Show-Off. Well done!

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His whole team got the 11+ in a rumble match , last time I played rumble I was practicing Kensei fight ability and I wanted to catch someone alone but it was hard because the enemy team was sticking together , how am supposed to practice heroes if the rumble with fast build non talents mode is about sticking together the whole game , I even invaded their jungle but nobody care hehehe .

Lol, you’re right – I didn’t even realize that! :laughing: We just bullied them the whole match – they lost the first jungle fight immediately, then we rotated up and pushed them out of the lane as well. The rest of the match went pretty much the same way – they were never able to regroup.

That’s actually op , I don’t think there is a counter play to that as the game fast and once your team start dying it turns to a chaos and your team need to regroup but what was your team doing is pushing and never give them the chance to come back , I see that , it’s hard to counter play .

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Huh what did I do?

I have been a member of this forum for a long time

:man_shrugging: I think maybe @Lebatron may have been hitting the :vgcheersx3: a little hard lately, perhaps …

Doh. I meant to give a shout out to @RiseChu for joining in on the fun. You’re still awesome though, @TadashiN. And @hazeleyes, it’s more like I haven’t hit the :beers: enough lately!


I am always awesome though… risechu who? Joking lmao.


Apparently you’re too awesome to participate in our CODs!? Or are they too hard for you!? :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

:fire: :fire: :fire:

Monday, March 25th 2019

I don’t know about you all, but it’s certainly been a Monday morning for me! You never know what Monday is going to give you. It can change forms at any second. @TadashiN, I’m setting you up here…

Win either two rumble matches, one 5v5 casual match, or for a bonus point, a ranked 3v3 or 5v5 match as Monday Moody Malene. You must win with three or fewer deaths.

To make it clear: you do not have to win ALL the above. Your options:
2 rumbles (both wins with three or fewer deaths each)
1 5v5 casual
1 5v5 rank for bonus
1 3v3 rank for bonus

I completed another one :triumph: Both rumbles and I think I made the opposing Lyra quit by taunting once

@RiseChu - 3 pts and @TadashiN - 0 pts

Now thats some tea :coffee: I should be crowned best Lyra and Melon on the forums kek :lyra:

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Imma stop you there… and i best malene and lyra main in universe.

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Game on!

30 characters annoying child malene voice laughing

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Is @TadashiN even that good with Malene? The Malene COD is being dominated by others here on the forums! What should we do!? :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

A huge shout out to all teammates from my 2nd game. You’ll notice the opposing team was a full guild party. Who’s the boss now!? :triumph:

Tuesday, March 26th 2019

In-game, snap a screenshot of you with your team capturing the Kraken/Helga, Ghostwing, or Blackclaw. You must do this in two Rumble matches to have Rumble count for points. A bonus point for completing all three! Another bonus points for doing it in ranked matches!

Both Rumble matches. Shout out to @hazeleyes for helping me out in the first victory. We carried! Petal is meh after the “rework”.

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Wednesday, March 27th 2019

Win an ARAM match with no more than one death. Bonus point for winning with no deaths!