VGforums COD Week #10 Mar 17 - 23 2019

Tuesday, March 19 2019

Keeping our hero theme going. I’ve been gaining interest in Inara lately. I think she has some versatility and is a good team hero.

Win two PvP games (blitz and ARAL don’t count) as Inara. One game must be with a WP build and one game must be with a captain/utility/support build. For me, that means at least two t3 support items (such as fountain, crucible, rook’s, capacitor, atlas, etc)

Good luck!

Ta-da! What’s her viability as a CP hero? Also, with the support build I went, would :vgitem_shatterglass: have been a better choice as a last item over :vgitem_sorrowblade:?

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Wednesday, March 20th 2019

Breaking away from our current trend for a bit, and while it’s a polarizing audience, we’re going to cater to folks who don’t mind talents and brawl modes that utilize them (I haven’t allowed blitz or ARAL the past several challenges).

Win three blitz matches. One using a rare talent, one using an epic talent, and one using a legendary talent.

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Yay! I did it! Give me a sec to upload images…


Seeing you pop up in my notifications for this topic, and to have it be an actual submission of completing the challenge, your first one; it’s as if an angelic choir has filled the room I was in when I read your post. Welcome to the COD standings, @HipsterSkaarf!


Speaking of… just added Seraphim Adagio to the VG Wallpapers collection!


Yay me.

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Thursday, March 21st 2019

I. Am. The Fortress! Great to see this hero appear far more viable this patch. Both as a jungler and a bit as a captain.

Win two games as the hero Fortress. One as a captain/support build, and one as a jungler (CP or WP) build. Blitz and ARAL matches do not count. Bonus point for winning ranked matches.

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I won the first match I played as a jungler. It took four tries to win one as a captain, though, because apparently no one in solo queue this morning knew how to build for damage. (I had some carries with three defense items :man_facepalming:) Finally got a decent team in this last match, but we were pretty much 4v5 the whole time because Taka was kind of struggling.

@hazeleyes , you may have beat me but thanks to ranking in both my matches, I still add to my lead :wink:

Also, this was funny to note before I attempted played today -

And I shall continue to make it hard for you two to close in on my lead. Mwahaha! The overlord strikes again!

EDIT: Oh my God… Look at that Anka build in my win as a captain… AC??? :face_vomiting:

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I’ve seen some of the craziest builds this patch … :laughing:

Friday, March 22nd 2019

With the API seemingly back, please re-incorporate it back into your screenshots where applicable.

Win 'em all! Win a ranked match (5v5 or 3v3), the event mode match, a rumble match, and a blitz match!

Good luck to all!

Just FYI, I’ve seen reports that Blitz matches are NOT being shown in the API at present … :unamused:

Also, Rumble, ARAM, and One for All matches aren’t available through the API.

So, take those screenshots, people!

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Rumble is STILL NOT available? It’s a permanent mode now. Makes no sense that ARAL counted toward KDA (a mode with talents and no recall) when it was permanent, but rumble does not. Oh well. Thanks for giving folks the heads up!

Idk why it doesn’t surprise me :man_shrugging:

BTW, there isn’t an event mode yet, is it? I haven’t seen anything. @Lebatron

I just checked and ARAL is still available.

Will need community feedback for this to make sure it’s applicable.

Saturday, March 23rd 2019

Win ANY PvP game and capture your VGPRO screenshot listing YOU as the MvP. Bonus point for a ranked match. This is to celebrate the apparent return of API and use of apps like VGPRO.

Again, the only requirement is that you’re listed as the MVP.

Good luck!

Just a heads up: I’ve seen a report in the SEMC Slack this morning that new 3v3, Blitz, and ARAL matches are not appearing in the API currently. I haven’t verified that, but would potentially be a big issue, as it would mean that only 5v5 casual/ranked matches could be used for this challenge.

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None of my matches are updating on API, including 5v5

Oh well, there’s always tomorrow