VGforums Challenge of the Day - 24 Feb 2019

For today’s challenge, see if you can find the clues that suggest Hazel might need to go to the grocery store soon:


You think that’s bad? :joy: My dorm has the following -

  • Pint of orange juice
  • Pint of milk
  • Two cans of chicken noodle soup
  • Two bottles of vodka
  • Two bottles of kahlua

The sad thing is that’s actually a pretty full pantry for me :joy:

I may or may not have put Kahlúa on my Frosted Flakes in college when there was no milk available.


I actually laughed at that, given that I’m currently eating the last of my Cocoa Puffs with Kahlua as I type this.


What do you mean? That’s a high quality meal right there.

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Have you ever tried Honey Nut Cheerios with a Miller Lite? It’s really actually not that good. It’s horrible.

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